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Grey Law: Worker’s Compensation

by March 18, 2020 » Add the first comment.

Every worker is entitled to worker’s compensation as long as it is established they suffered an injury or illness in the line of duty. Sometimes workers fail to get compensation because of a lack of information about their rights at the workplace. The best way to seek compensation if you Read more »

How A Wrongful Death Claim Settlement Is Divided Amongst Family Members

by February 25, 2020 » Add the first comment.

When a person dies due to the negligence of others, surviving family members may file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible for their loved one’s death. Most of the time, those filing these lawsuits are surviving spouses or children, although there are occasions where other family members may opt Read more »

When Should I Sue For A Dog Bite?

by February 19, 2020 » Add the first comment.

You should be able to walk the streets and sidewalks in your community without being attacked by a dog. Owners have an obligation to keep their pets under control. If you have been injured in such an attack, then you will need to take immediate and decisive action. You should Read more »

5 Tips to Prevent Train Accidents

by February 13, 2020 » Add the first comment.

Train accidents, though rare, are still something that are too common in today’s world. These accidents are too common as they should not be happening at all. It is important to try to continue minimizing the amount of train accidents. Below you will find five tips to prevent train accidents. Read more »

5 Common Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

by February 6, 2020 » Add the first comment.

Swimming is one of the outdoor activities that most people in Los Angeles enjoy. For this reason, quite a good number of homeowners and also people who own recreational centres have promoted this activity by building swimming pools around their properties. While most people will go swimming to look for Read more »

Construction Worker Safety Tips

by January 30, 2020 » Add the first comment.

Are you involved in the construction industry in Los Angeles? If so, there are a number of very important safety precautions that you should be aware of. These tips will help you avoid being injured in an accident on a construction site. If you are hurt, you can call the Read more »

Are Bicyclists Ever Liable For Traffic Accidents?

by January 23, 2020 » Add the first comment.

Since bicyclists and motorists share the same roads, accidents will occur. When this happens, many assume the motorist is automatically at fault. However, there are times when the bicyclist is also at fault. If you have been involved in such an accident, it is important to understand the legal process Read more »

Alcohol is the Main Contributing Factor in Fatal U.S. Boating Accidents

by January 21, 2020 » Add the first comment.

Injury and fatality rarely come to mind when people think of relaxation on a boat. However, both can drive aggrieved clients into a Los Angeles boat accident attorney office. Alcohol and boats don’t mix. Drinking is behind more accidents, injuries and deaths on boats than any other contributing factor. People Read more »

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment After An Accident

by December 17, 2019 » Add the first comment.

Spinal cord injuries are some of the worst kinds of injuries that one can receive. It is estimated that nearly half a million people in America live with a spinal cord injury of some sort. Most injuries involve trauma to the vertebral column, which hinders the brain’s ability to send Read more »

Will My Personal Car Insurance Cover Ridesharing?

by December 2, 2019 » Add the first comment.

Were you recently involved in a rideshare accident in Los Angeles? If so, your first move should be to hire the Uber accident lawyer Los Angeles citizens rely on for prompt and professional service. This is not the kind of legal matter that you should attempt to resolve on your Read more »

Who Is Liable in a House Fire Accident?

by November 21, 2019 » Add the first comment.

Being burnt out of a home fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a person. House fires produce flames, extreme heat, and smoke. In many cases, smoke can cause people a lot of harm. However, the heat and flames from a fire do the most Read more »

3 Types Of School Bus Accidents

by November 20, 2019 » Add the first comment.

3 Types Of School Bus Accidents When a parent puts their child on a school bus each morning, they expect the child to remain safe. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Each year, nearly 140 people were killed in school-bus related accidents, and while some of these are students, others Read more »

Are You At Risk of Brain Injury After a Car Accident?

by November 5, 2019 » Add the first comment.

Have you recently suffered a brain injury in a car accident? More than 2 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries every year. Many of them are the direct result of a car accident. If you believe you are one of these unfortunate victims, you need to call a Los Angeles Read more »

Are Slip and Fall Cases Difficult to Win?

by October 31, 2019 » Add the first comment.
Image for Are Slip and Fall Cases Difficult to Win?

Slip and fall accidents can be devastating to the victims. However, it’s surprisingly hard to win these cases. This post will help you understand why that’s the case. It will also explain what you need to do to win your case. What is a Slip and Fall Case? A Read more »


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