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Dog bites can be physically and emotionally damaging. After a dog bite, injured individuals and family members of those who have died often wonder about their rights. At Grey Law, your local dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles, we understand the complex nature of dog bite cases. We can help you pursue justice while offering the compassionate support you need.

Dog Bite Accident Facts You Should Know

Dogsbite.org compiles the latest information regarding dog bite fatalities throughout the nation. In 2015, some of the most compelling insights indicate:

  • In 2015, 34 fatal dog attacks were recorded in the US. As of August, 2016, 4 out of the 21 on-site deaths recorded occurred in the state of California.
  • 32% of dog bite fatalities in America occurred during home visits or in living situations. Of the attacks that happened at home, 82% of the victims were children aged 9 and under.
  • 50% of all dog attack fatalities that occurred in 2015 involved multiple dogs.
  • Pit bulls and other powerful breeds such as Rottweilers account for the majority of fatal attacks. The context of an attack matters, but this data does indicate a striking trend in dangerous attacks.

Additional Dog Bite Injury Statistics

Other sources also indicate:

Every dog has the potential to bite, and all owners are responsible for their pets. These statistics aren’t intended to scare you, but to highlight the serious issues of dog bites from pets, loose pets, and stray animals.

Liability in Dog Bite Injury Cases in California

Responsibility shapes the outcome of dog bite cases, and every state has different dog bite laws. In California, your Los Angeles dog bite attorney will help you understand the state and local laws that may affect your case. California uses a strict liability rule in deciding dog bite cases. All pet owners are responsible for their dogs’ actions, regardless of the situation. In limited circumstances a dog owner may not face liability. Owners are typically not responsible for provoked attacks, attacks that happened during a crime, or attacks that arise from animal cruelty.

At the local level here in Los Angeles, owners are responsible for keeping their dogs on leashes, and all cats and dogs over four months old must maintain a yearly license in Los Angeles County. Homeowners may keep a maximum of three licensed and spayed or neutered dogs in a residence at any time.

A dog owner will likely face state and local issued citations and penalties after an injurious or fatal attack, but these actions don’t directly support a victim. Pursuing a lawsuit helps you recover compensation to pay for associated medical bills, pain and suffering, and any lost wages you’ve endured.

Consult a Seasoned Dog Bite Attorney in Los Angeles

Some of the clients who come into our office are concerned about their relationships with a dog’s owner. At Grey Law, we know the delicate nature of many dog bite incidents. Filing a lawsuit against a negligent dog owner doesn’t mean you hate the dog owner or that the owner is a bad person. Rather, it’s a way for you to seek justice, closure, and the compensation needed to heal. Our cases often focus on a dog owner’s insurance policy coverage rather than the individual. Regardless of the situation, you have the right to fair compensation after enduring a preventable attack.

Don’t hesitate to contact your local injury lawyer in Los Angeles for a free case evaluation. The attorneys at Grey Law are committed to helping you and your family recover after a serious dog bite incident.

You can contact Grey Law today by calling 323-857-9500.

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