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Use Caution with These 8 Dangerous Garage Tools

by October 28, 2015 » Add the first comment.

The garage is probably one of the last places you expect to have an accident, but accidents happen in the home more than anywhere else. If you routinely work in your garage, a shed, or a workshop, take a second look at these potentially dangerous tools before you start working. Read more »

5 Recent Six Flags Magic Mountain Accidents and Notable Injuries

by October 20, 2015 » Add the first comment.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a fantastic place for people who love rollercoasters and other amusement park rides. Unfortunately, Six Flags parks also have a high rate of accidents and injuries. Some accidents happen because individuals do not listen to theme park staff guidelines and instructions. Others are the result Read more »

The 7 Most Serious Amusement Park Accidents

by October 19, 2015 » Add the first comment.

There is always an inherent risk involved in visiting an amusement park. People behaving recklessly, equipment malfunctioning, and heat-related injuries are all possibilities when you head to Six Flags, Disney, or another popular amusement park. Here are the seven worst accidents in the history of amusement parks: One Read more »

Use Caution if You Drive on These 5 Most Dangerous Roads in California

by October 13, 2015 » Add the first comment.

A variety of factors can make a particular road safe or unsafe. Speed limits that do not accurately reflect the flow of traffic, intersections, environmental hazards, and the amount of traffic can all make a roadway unsafe for drivers. Our state has licensed millions of drivers, and that does not Read more »

Watch Out for These 5 Most Dangerous Freeways and Highways

by October 5, 2015 » Add the first comment.

Driving on a freeway or highway comes with its own set of concerns. Speed tends to make any accidents on these thoroughfares more devastating, and victims are more likely to suffer from fatal injuries in these accidents. Of all the dangerous freeways and highways in America, several stretch through California. Read more »

5 Recent Disneyland Injuries/Accidents

by October 1, 2015 » Add the first comment.

Disneyland is often described as “the happiest place on earth.” Full of every theme park accoutrement possible, over 40,000 daily visitors enjoy what Disneyland California has to offer. Unfortunately, people also lose their lives, are injured, or fall ill as a result of going to the park. For some, the Read more »

How to File a Car Insurance Claim with USAA

by September 17, 2015 » Add the first comment.

A car crash can really make you lose your cool. However, it is important to keep your head clear, and make smart decisions at the scene, as this can save you time, money, and hassle later on. You do not want to make a bad situation worse! Follow this step-by-step Read more »

How to File a Car Insurance Claim with Farmer’s

by » Add the first comment.

When you are involved in a car accident, filing a claim is probably the last thing on your mind. After such an emotional experience, it can be hard to think clearly. However, proper documentation, from who was involved to what was damaged, is critical. Having documentation for an accident can Read more »

How to File an Insurance Claim With State Farm

by » Add the first comment.

Being involved in a car accident is an emotionally charged experience. Even the most levelheaded drivers can find it difficult to think clearly in such a harrowing situation. However, proper documentation, from who was involved to what was damaged, is critical. Having this info for an accident can save you Read more »

Unlicensed Drivers in Los Angeles – Recent Bill May Change Liability Issues

by March 4, 2015 » Add the first comment.

In California, like all other states, driving without a license is a criminal offense punishable by law. However, unlike in other states, unlicensed drivers continue to be one of the biggest problems California faces, and legislation continues to look for ways to fight back. An article from the LA Times Read more »


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