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Proving Slip and Fall Accidents

by October 3, 2018 » Add the first comment.

Cases involving falls are the second most filed personal injury cases in Los Angeles County. Motor vehicle accidents are the first. If you were seriously injured in a fall on property in southern California that was owned or occupied by somebody else, you’re probably going to want to seek compensation Read more »

Damages for Pedestrian Accidents

by August 6, 2018 » Add the first comment.

Personal injuries resulting from auto accidents do not always involve only the passengers in the vehicles. Cars commonly careen out of control when a driver is not focused on driving or traveling at an excessive speed. Fatalities are common in all pedestrian accidents, and very serious injuries are almost always Read more »

Should I Chase Down the Hit and Run Driver?

by July 23, 2018 » Add the first comment.

It’s a situation we hope never happens to us. Another driver isn’t paying attention and swerves into your vehicle, causing damage and terrifying you and your loved ones. Suddenly, you realize that instead of pulling over or switching on their hazard lights, the other driver is speeding away. Should you Read more »

How Can The Details Of My Spinal Cord Injury Affect My Case?

by July 6, 2018 » Add the first comment.

Whenever a person suffers a spinal cord injury, it will have a major impact on their life. From extensive medical treatment that will lead to large medical bills to being off from work for an extended period of time, the ramifications may be felt for the remainder of one’s life. Read more »

Is My Child’s Disability A Natural Birth Defect Or The Result Of Birth Trauma

by June 22, 2018 » Add the first comment.

Many people turn to our child injury lawyer in Los Angeles when they cannot determine whether their child’s defect was the result of a birth injury or a natural birth defect. People whose injury occurs as the result of medical negligence may be able to get compensation. People need the Read more »

Preventing Amusement Park Accidents

by » Add the first comment.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles Amusement parks are popular summer attractions. Every year, more than 375 million people visit amusement parks. Unfortunately, amusement parks can be very dangerous. You need personal injury protection. Unsafe rides are the cause of many serious injuries and fatalities. The federal government does not Read more »

Preventing Train Accidents

by May 30, 2018 » Add the first comment.

Accidents involving trains occur more frequently than most people realize. Whether they happen to drivers or pedestrians, the available data can be shocking. In fact, statistics show that they happen at an average of every 115 minutes or so. Trains also collide with other trains or objects at an alarming Read more »

Preventing Swimming Pool Accidents

by May 11, 2018 » Add the first comment.

Any personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can tell you that swimming pool accidents are a leading source of injuries and deaths every year. Our swimming pool accident lawyer in Los Angeles can confirm that accidents can range from simple scrapes while running around a pool to death caused by Read more »

Proving Slip and Fall

by April 26, 2018 » Add the first comment.

When it comes to personal injury law, slip and fall cases are incredibly common. Our slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles will normally see several of these cases every single year. Even though it may seem obvious to you what happened in your accident, these cases are a lot Read more »

Motorcycle Accidents

by April 6, 2018 » Add the first comment.

There are several hazards that can cause you to need a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles due to motorcycle accidents. Head on Collision The first hazard that might cause you to need a personal injury attorney is a head on collision with a motorcycle. This type of motorcycle accident Read more »


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