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Preventing Train Accidents

by May 30, 2018 » Add the first comment.

Accidents involving trains occur more frequently than most people realize. Whether they happen to drivers or pedestrians, the available data can be shocking. In fact, statistics show that they happen at an average of every 115 minutes or so. Trains also collide with other trains or objects at an alarming Read more »

Preventing Swimming Pool Accidents

by May 11, 2018 » Add the first comment.

Any personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can tell you that swimming pool accidents are a leading source of injuries and deaths every year. Our swimming pool accident lawyer in Los Angeles can confirm that accidents can range from simple scrapes while running around a pool to death caused by Read more »

Proving Slip and Fall

by April 26, 2018 » Add the first comment.

When it comes to personal injury law, slip and fall cases are incredibly common. Our slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles will normally see several of these cases every single year. Even though it may seem obvious to you what happened in your accident, these cases are a lot Read more »

Motorcycle Accidents

by April 6, 2018 » Add the first comment.

There are several hazards that can cause you to need a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles due to motorcycle accidents. Head on Collision The first hazard that might cause you to need a personal injury attorney is a head on collision with a motorcycle. This type of motorcycle accident Read more »

what is the biggest cause of California Construction Accidents

by March 23, 2018 » Add the first comment.

There are accidents in life that can change your future forever. When, you or someone you know works in a construction site, the chances of having an accident are real. Therefore, we always need to rely on a personal injury attorney. Our personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles Read more »

Distracted Driving Accidents

by March 5, 2018 » Add the first comment.

Many accidents happen each year, and many of those accidents are caused by distracted drivers. There are all kinds of distractions while driving, and they can cause people to get into minor, or major accidents. When an accident happens, it is important that those who are involved in it get Read more »

T-Bone Accidents Who is to Blame?

by February 19, 2018 » Add the first comment.

T-Bone accidents are collisions that result in damage to the sides of a car. They are very dangerous as vehicles can hit the doors where passengers and drivers are sitting. A driver or passenger can be severely injured with this type of accident. Victims are only separated from the car Read more »

Spinal Cord Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

by November 2, 2017 » Add the first comment.

Spine injuries can be the most traumatic form of pain for anyone. A sizeable fraction of spinal cord injuries caused by a motor accident could have been prevented with the proper use of seat belts. The huge medical cost of treating spinal cord injuries add to the mental, psychological, and Read more »

Filing For A Whiplash Injury Claim

by » Add the first comment.

When accidents occur, it might not result in a grievous and observable body harm, it may result in an aftermath pain known as whiplash. Often underestimated and overlooked by insurance companies due to the absence of empirical evidence, a whiplash could amount to serious pain for victims. Almost all rear Read more »

How to Stop Elder Abuse

by » Add the first comment.

Elder abuse is a pandemic that requires proactive actions of those involved. Close to five million American seniors are abused annually mentally and physically and are perpetrated by close relatives. Statistics claim that only 1 out of 14 incidents are reported while another claim it might be as high as Read more »


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