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8 Interesting Home Remedies to Treat a Skin Burn Injury

by June 24, 2016 » Add the first comment.

The majority of burn injuries occur in the home. The ABA, or American Burn Association estimates that 73% of burns occur in the home. And these are mainly from preventable accidents in the kitchen. There are many likely burn occurrences that happen elsewhere. For example, approximately 8% of burns occur Read more »

What Is the Difference Between Mild, Moderate, and Severe Brain Injury?

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Brain injuries often have lifelong health affects, ranging from memory issues to paralysis. The human brain controls the functions that keep you alive—breathing, eating, digesting food, and circulating blood. When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, or “TBI” for short, it’s caused by sudden damage to the brain. This Read more »

Six Steps to Take After a Boating Accident

by May 20, 2016 » Add more comments.

Six Steps to Take After a Boating Accident Accidents on the water are often serious, resulting in major injuries or drownings. Falling overboard, colliding with another boat, explosions, and being hit while swimming are all ways that fun on the water can turn into a deadly situation. Before you head Read more »

How Do I Handle a Hit-and-Run Car Accident?

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How Do I Handle a Hit-and-Run Car Accident? Hit-and-run accidents are particularly difficult to process, because the perpetrator is out of the picture. The police may never catch the individual who hit you, leaving you to pay for your own injuries and property damage. “Unfair” doesn’t begin to describe the Read more »

How Do I Avoid Personal Injury at a Political Rally?

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How Do I Avoid Personal Injury at a Political Rally? The 2016 presidential campaign has recently brought instances of political rally violence into the purview of the public. While political clashes were once commonly associated with major political campaigns, they have been rare in recent years. This year’s campaign is Read more »

Baseball Game Assaults: The 3 Dodgers Cases You Should Know

by April 12, 2016 » Add the second comment.

Baseball is a fairly innocuous sport. Although it’s relatively tame compared to contact sports such as football, the fans tend to get really riled up. In the past several years, the Dodgers stadium has been the site of some serious assaults. Here are the cases you should know about before Read more »

I Was Injured in a Workplace Accident. Do I Need an Attorney?

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In the state of California, employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance if they have just one employee. Benefits cover all injuries that take place at work, regardless of fault, as well as illnesses that arise from working conditions. If you are injured at work, you may want to Read more »

The Two Costly Misconceptions That May Keep You From Finding a Fair Settlement

by April 5, 2016 » Add the first comment.

After an injury, you may not immediately think about contacting an attorney. Some people put off calling an attorney until they start to experience financial strain from medical bills and missed work. If you have certain ideas about personal injury attorneys, you are not alone. However, we are very different Read more »

Can You Own a Pet Wolf in California?

by March 9, 2016 » Add the first comment.

If you’ve ever romanticized the idea of owning a wolf as your personal White Fang, you may want to reconsider. According to California law, owning the ancestor of man’s best friend is unlawful, and violating this law comes with heavy consequences. A Review of Exotic Animal Law The state of Read more »

What Should I Do if My Car Has a Recall?

by March 6, 2016 » Add the first comment.

Recalls are often the subject of horror on news outlets. Ford recalled their popular Explorer model in 2001 after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration deemed them responsible for 200 deaths. In 2015, the U.S. Department of Transportation ordered a massive recall involving 33.8 million airbags produced by popular manufacturer Read more »


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