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Is it Legal to Drive with Headphones?

by March 1, 2016 » Add the first comment.

Our great state of California has been a pioneer in distracted driving laws. We were one of the first to issue a ban on texting and driving, and now speaking on a cell phone while driving is considered unlawful. Because of the congested roadways and number of cyclists sharing the Read more »

Is it Illegal to Drink While Boating?

by February 26, 2016 » Add the first comment.

We have all seen an episode of Cops where a blatantly intoxicated driver tries and fails to prove his or her sobriety – and we all know how consequential the decision to drink and drive is. And even though Los Angeles is on the beautiful Pacific, many people tend to Read more »

If a Tree Falls on My Car, is the City Liable for the Damages?

by February 21, 2016 » Add the first comment.

Property owners and landlords have dozens of responsibilities, and keeping guests and tenants safe is a top priority. This includes correcting issues occupants may run into on public property, like a spill or a faulty railing at city hall. These professionals are accountable for certain damages that occur on their Read more »

Who Is Responsible if a Building Collapses During an Earthquake?

by February 4, 2016 » Add the first comment.

California has its fair share of natural disasters, whether it is a tropical storm coming across the Pacific or an overwhelming wild fire. In Los Angeles, especially, catastrophes such as earthquakes are shockingly common; more than 600 were reported in 2015. In a few short minutes, your life can be Read more »

How to Spot an IRS Tax Scam

by January 22, 2016 » Add the first comment.

It’s tax time – the time when hackers and scammers work overtime trying to steal your hard-earned refunds. How do you know if you’re being scammed or if the IRS is legitimately trying to contact you? Watch out for these red flags to avoid heartache this tax season. Common IRS Read more »

Distracted Driving: Is Wearable Technology the New Cell Phone?

by January 19, 2016 » Add the first comment.

Wearable technology has been the technology du jour for 2015 – and it’s not going anywhere. Ever since the launch of the Apple Watch, companies are grappling with ways to make wearable technology handier, more diversified, and more affordable. However, wearable technology poses new problems that the law has yet Read more »

Can Employers Require Employees to Get the Flu Shot?

by January 8, 2016 » Add the first comment.

Can Employers Require Employees to Get the Flu Shot? Flu season is upon us, and many employers are looking for ways to reduce sick time and keep employees healthy. The flu vaccine is an attractive preventive option for many, as it protects against many virulent strains and can make other Read more »

Return of NFL Football to LA: What Does it Mean for You?

by December 16, 2015 » Add the first comment.

Football fans, rejoice: there might be a new team in town. Previously, if you wanted to take in action on the gridiron, you would have to travel to the Bay Area or San Diego. Now, it looks like NFL officials are considering another spot for a franchise: our fair city Read more »

How to Safely Buy a Used Car on Craigslist

by December 10, 2015 » Add the first comment.

A vehicle is an important investment, and money-savvy individuals are turning away from traditional car dealerships in favor of person-to-person negotiation. If you’re a seasoned buyer, browsing sites like Craigslist can save you serious cash. Unfortunately, you don’t always know if you’re buying from a reputable source. What precautions should Read more »

Does Your Child Play One of These Most Injury-Prone Sports?

by » Add the first comment.

Fall sports have wound down, and winter athletes are gearing up for a long season. As your budding student athlete takes the field, you may worry about his or her safety. All athletic endeavors can come with risk of injury, but there are some sports that cause more than others. Read more »


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