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Chemical Burn Injuries

Fire is not the only way that you can experience a burn. Certain chemicals can cause the skin to burn. While most of these chemical burns happen in the industrial sector, they can also happen to others. Understanding how to prevent chemical burns and what to do in the event that you’ve experienced a burn due to someone else’s negligence is a necessity. A good chemical burn injury lawyer Los Angeles can help you to determine if there was neglect present in your case.

What Is A Chemical Burn?
A chemical burn is an injury that occurs when a base or strong acid comes into direct contact with the skin. This type of injury can be common in the manufacturing sector where a large number of acidic chemicals are utilized. They’re also common in the medical, mining, and chemical fabrication sectors according to any known Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. In some rarer instances, chemical burns can be a result of an assault against a person.

Places Chemical Burns Are Most Common
It’s important to note that most people are exposed to various types of chemicals throughout the day. These can include household cleaners and cosmetics. In most cases, these chemical compounds pose minimal health risks due to their low potency. However, there are some places where high potent chemicals may be utilized regularly.

Food Processing Plants
A burn injury lawyer Los Angeles will be able to explain to you why the food processing sector is so well-known for causing this type of injury. The factories that process food have their workers dealing with strong chemicals. When proper safety precautions aren’t utilized, it can result in chemical burns of the skin.

Farmwork does require the use of specific chemicals in their fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides. For this reason, it’s important that those handling these chemicals are aware of how to do so safely. Oftentimes, ignorance about these chemicals is what leads to burn injuries.

Understanding The Effects Of A Chemical Burn
When chemical burns happen, they can result in different types of damage to the human body. In less severe cases, thermal burns are present on the skin. In more severe cases, chemical burns can result in the complete disintegration of the skin tissue and even blindness. A burn injury attorney Los Angeles will work with victims that have experienced all levels of chemical burns from acute to severe.

Our Los Angeles burn injury lawyer will tell you that seeking out medical help as soon as possible is your best chance at avoiding worse injuries. If you work in a location that uses caustic chemicals, then you should’ve undergone training about how to properly handle chemical burns. You should be introduced to all chemical flush stations so that you can utilize them in the event that you experience a burn.

As a general rule of thumb, you should remove any clothing that comes into contact with the chemical immediately. Next, you want to flush the chemical from your body with large amounts of water. This will help to reduce the risk of permanent damage to your body. Seek out medical attention after you’ve removed the soiled clothing and rinsed the affected area.

Liability When It Comes To Chemical Burns
Our chemical burn injury lawyer Los Angeles can help you collect compensation for experiencing a chemical burn that was the result of someone else’s or a business’s negligence. This compensation will include medical expenses, lost wages due to your inability to work, and damages for a loss in the quality of your life. In most cases, the company’s insurance policy will pay for the compensation.

Understanding negligence is vital for you to know whether or not someone else was at fault for your chemical burn injury. An experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help you to determine whether or not negligence has occurred in your situation. Here are some helpful examples that can help you to better understand this concept of negligence.

  • Lack of proper safety training
  • Lack of proper safety equipment
  • Manufacturer defect
  • Chemical exposure without proper visible warning signs

As you can see, there are various ways that businesses and people can be determined to be in neglect when it comes to a burn injury. A good burn injury lawyer Los Angeles will have to prove negligence on the part of an individual or entity to get the compensation that you deserve. If you’ve experienced a chemical burn, it’s best to contact your burn injury attorney Los Angeles sooner rather than later.

Types Of Chemicals That Cause Burns
A Los Angeles burn injury lawyer will work with a number of victims who have experienced burns from various products. Some of the most common chemical products that result in injury include cleaning products, fireworks, hydrofluoric acid, drain cleaners, lime, battery fluid, and pool chemicals. If you have any of these chemicals laying around your home or office, it’s vital that you put them away for safekeeping.

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