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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Sudden Stops Motorcycle Accidents

According to the Insurance Information Institute, a staggering 88,000 people were injured in motorcycle accidents in 2015 alone, and that doesn’t count the number of people who died from motorcycle crashes in the same year. There are numerous types of motorcycle accidents, but one of the most notorious is the sudden stop.

What is a Sudden Stop Accident?
A sudden stop accident in one in where the driver of the vehicle in front of you came to a sudden stop. These stops are so sudden that oftentimes the motorcycle operator behind the vehicle doesn’t have time to react and stop the motorcycle, which leads to a crash. No matter how attentive a motorcyclist is, if another vehicle slams on its brakes and veers, then the motorcycle could potentially crash into the vehicle and easily cause an accident, or even a chain reaction accident involving multiple vehicles.

On the other side, there can also be a sudden stop that causes the motorcyclist to brake suddenly and the car behind the motorcycle rider doesn’t have time to brake, which leads to the motorcycle getting rear-ended. In all types of sudden stop cases involving motorcycles, the rider of the motorcycle is most susceptible to sustaining the worst injuries for the simple fact that motorcycles don’t offer as much protection as a vehicle. There’s not as much metal on them, and the rider’s body is completely exposed to the collision.

Consequences – Injury or Death
When motorcyclists are involved in sudden stop accidents, then can fly off their vehicles and hit their heads, resulting in brain injuries, concussions and more. They are also subject to being hit by flying debris and landing in powerful impacts that can break bones or paralyze them. Scrapes, cuts and other minor injuries are the least of their worries. If you or a someone you know has been injured as the result of a sudden stop motorcycle accident, the good news is that you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Our knowledgeable team of Los Angeles motorcycle injury attorneys are here to assist you.

Personal Injury Claim
The type of lawsuit that you would get a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer to file would be a personal injury claim. Personal injury attorneys will get you compensation for your losses that was caused by the negligent party. A Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer specializes in these types of claims, which means that he or she is accustomed to dealing with them and knows all the laws pertaining to them.

Who is at Fault?
In order for you to win a personal injury claim, you have to be able to prove that someone else was at fault for your injuries. You might think that you were partially at fault, and that’s okay because even if you were partially at fault, the other party could be held responsible for their portion. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your case to determine if you were at fault or not and if so, just how much each party was a fault.

Finding a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles
If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident and are wanting to find the best motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles has to offer, then there are a few things you’ll need to know upfront. First of all, most Los Angeles motorcycle injury attorneys will offer you a free consultation to talk about your case. Secondly, if a Los Angeles personal injury attorney decides to take your case, he or she usually will not charge you anything up front. Usually, personal injury cases are taken on a contingency basis, which basically means that if you don’t win your case, the lawyer doesn’t get paid. However, upon receiving a settlement, it is customary for the lawyer’s fees to be approximately 30% of the settlement.

The Personal Injury Claim Process
If you’ve never filed a personal injury claim before, then you might have no idea as to how the process works. First, you’ll contact a personal injury attorney and go in for an initial consultation. You’ll discuss the details surrounding what happened in the sudden stop accident, and then the lawyer will decide whether or not he or she wants to take your case. Then, you’ll pretty much leave everything up to the lawyer. He or she will worry about gathering all the evidence necessary to prove your case in a court of law if your case goes that far. They’ll survey any video footage capturing the incident, obtain any medical records and speak to any witnesses. They’ll also deal with all the little details like filing the necessary paperwork with the court and notifying you of proceedings and court dates.

Obtaining a Settlement
Most of the time, insurance companies will seek to settle outside the courtroom unless they are fairly confident that they can beat the case. Ultimately, no one wants to go through a long and messy litigation process if he or she doesn’t have to, and the insurance companies are no different. They will oftentimes offer you an initial offer that is laughable and way less than what you’re entitled to. If you don’t have legal representation knowing just what you’re entitled to, you might be tempted to accept it with thoughts of at least it’s something. Los Angeles personal injury attorneys know how much you’re entitled to under the law, and they will fight aggressively to ensure that you aren’t low-balled. Personal injury attorneys have the negotiation skills to negotiate the most favorable settlement for their clients in personal injury cases, and if no acceptable terms can be made, then they are willing to represent you in a court of law.

Contact a personal injury attorney today if you’ve been injured in a sudden stop motorcycle accident.

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