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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Product Liability Lawyer

When you make a purchase on the internet or from a local retailer, you do not expect to be injured. When this happens, you need the services of a Los Angeles product liability attorney. The following explains the benefits of getting legal advice before suing a business or accepting a settlement.

Free Initial Consultation
Your first meeting with an attorney is free. During this appointment, you will find out what your rights are and what action you should take next. There is no risk in consulting with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

No Payment If You Lose
It is possible that you may lose your case and will not be compensated. An experienced lawyer will not collect fees for legal services unless you win or decide to accept a settlement. The attorney assumes all the risk and will be your advocate through the process of your case.

Experienced Negotiating
In many product liability cases, people are offered settlements from an insurance company, which they accept to end the matter. This is not always the best choice, and the following three reasons are why you need legal representation:

  • You may not be aware of how much you are entitled to receive
  • The settlement may be much less than you deserve
  • It is in the best financial interest of insurance companies to offer the least amount of money in a settlement

When you have a Los Angeles defective product claim, your attorney will help you to determine the exact amount you need to be fairly compensated. Lawyers deal with insurance companies often and know how to get you the optimal deal.

Standing Up For Others
Your legal action against a company and holding it accountable for a defective product can result in changes that benefit everyone. What you do makes a difference, especially with the right lawyer.

Relief From Financial Stress
A defective product injury can prevent you from working, paying bills and keeping your home, which can be devastating for both you and your family. This is why you need a good Los Angeles product injury lawyer to get you the settlement you need to recover.

If you have been injured from a defective product, you are not alone. Schedule a consultation with a Los Angeles product liability attorney today and get the compensation that you deserve.

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