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5 Tips to Prevent Train Accidents

Train accidents, though rare, are still something that are too common in today’s world. These accidents are too common as they should not be happening at all. It is important to try to continue minimizing the amount of train accidents. Below you will find five tips to prevent train accidents.

1. Do not Race or Speed to the Crossing
If you see that a train is coming, do not try to speed up to cross over the railroad crossing. Even if you think you have enough time, you never truly know how fast the train is coming. If you see the train coming, it is important to stop and wait. This is even if the gates are not down.

2. Do Not Go Around Lowered Gates
When gates are lowered, it means that it is important to not go around them for your own safety. A lowered gate at a railroad crossing means that there is a train close by that is coming towards that railroad crossing. It is extremely dangerous to drive around these gates. If there is no train in sight and you have been waiting a long time, call the 1-800 number to determine the best protocol.

3. Make Sure All Trailer Jacks are Facing Upward
If you are driving a truck or other vehicle with a trailer jack, it is important to ensure that the jack is in the up position. Lowered jacks have the potential of becoming stuck on the rails. This could put you and your loved ones in a very dangerous position if a train were on the way to that railroad crossing.

4. If You Get Stuck on the Rails, Exit Your Vehicle Immediately
If you do happen to get stuck by either the trailer jack or some other means, it is essential that you exit your vehicle right away and get off the rails. When you are off the rails, call the 1-800 number and the police. The train will be alerted that there is a vehicle on the rails at the railroad crossing to try to retain safety.

5. Remember That a Train’s Stopping Distance is Very Long
A train’s stoping distance is extremely long. This means that it takes them quite a stretch to come to a complete stop. Trains moving around fifty-five miles per hour need at least a mile to come to a complete stop, for example.

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