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California Facility Operators Face Elder Abuse & Wrongful Death Charges in Resident’s Death

He Survived the Battlefield, But Not the Senior Care Facility
A decorated military veteran who fought valiantly for his country survived his scars from the battlefield. However, he met with an untimely and unimaginable death at the hands of one tasked with his care, Cristina Canimo. She has been formally charged with murder and torture. The criminal Complaint alleges use of a box cutter, a knife and other tools used to kill the deceased. In a show of utter disregard for humanity, Mr. Ronald Clarke was completely stripped of his dignity by being dumped in a trash can.

In addition to charges against Ms. Canimo, Sunbrook Residential Care’s owners, Ronald and Ramona Sykes, have been charged with several crimes including elder abuse, wrongful death and negligence in hiring and supervision of employees. The Complaint alleges that their abusive actions were intentional. The couple ran three, licensed senior care homes all of which have been shut down since this tragic incident. Whether or not they should have been opened at all is up for debate given that these facilities have run afoul of State inspections since 2015.

Although this case is an extreme case of elder abuse, elder abuse in senior care facilities is commonplace. The National Council on Aging estimates that there are as many as five million cases of elder abuse each year. And seniors are often abused by those who should be caring for them, including their own children.

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