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Can a Pedestrian be at fault in a Car/Pedestrian Accident

Due to the highly complex relationship between the average pedestrian and the average vehicle on the road, a litany of murky and confusing legal ramifications have begun to manifest. Many people have a misunderstanding regarding the legal nature of this dynamic and often parrot false notions. This is most often stated as the old adage “the pedestrian always has the right away.” Now while it is true that deference should be given to the pedestrian due to their vulnerable nature, this does not abscond them from every degree of culpability. The context of the situation and how it unfolded all play into who should have to be burdened with responsibility and how the legal punishments will be given out.

As mentioned earlier, contrary to popular belief, a pedestrian can still be at fault for an accident on the road. This culpability is entirely dependent on the context of the given situation and can vary wildly, even from state to state. In almost all cases, a pedestrian is/can be culpable for an accident if they demonstrated negligence in their actions that directly lead to an accident. Crimes such as jaywalking and ignoring red lights can lead directly to accidents, causing all of the blame to be placed on the pedestrian. Furthermore, both the pedestrian and a car-driver can share the responsibility of an accident if both displayed certain levels of law-breaking and negligence.

Luckily, however, there are things that you can do navigate these complex legal situations and get you the justice that you deserve in any situation. In larger cities like Los Angeles, where walking is a much more common mode of transportation, but millions of cars still clog traffic, having a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can be an invaluable asset to have. Ensuring you have a Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney who maintains the skill and requisite knowledge needed to understand the complex legal literature is key. Also, finding the right Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer can be a significant chore, so it is important to take your time and do your research before settling on a choice.

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