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Should I Chase Down the Hit and Run Driver?

It’s a situation we hope never happens to us. Another driver isn’t paying attention and swerves into your vehicle, causing damage and terrifying you and your loved ones. Suddenly, you realize that instead of pulling over or switching on their hazard lights, the other driver is speeding away. Should you go after them and solve the situation yourself?

Much like observing a shoplifter attempting to run, seeing a hit and run driver escaping the scene may fill you with anger or shock and illicit feelings of giving chase to take justice into your own hands. The best option is to stay put and do not give chase. Attempting to catch the offender yourself may lead to you breaking traffic laws yourself, or inciting the other driver to commit acts of violence in order to get away. To properly deal with a hit and run incident, follow these steps.

Stay at the scene and gather as much information as possible
If you got a good look at the car that hit you, record as much information on the car as possible including:
– Make
– Model
– License plate number
– Car color

If there were any witnesses to the accident, get their contact information. Before you leave the scene, make sure to save any other pertinent facts such as:
– The time and location of the incident
– Take pictures of the scene
– Take pictures of your car and the damage done to it

File a hit and run claim
Once you or the police can identify the identity of the person that hit you, make sure to file a claim with their insurance company. If you can’t identify the person, file with your own insurance company to cover damages and potentially waive the deductible for hit and run claims.

Consult a hit and run lawyer in Los Angeles
By hiring a personal injury attorney in the event of potential harm done to you or your loved ones, you will be counseled to understand your rights and ensure proper compensation will be obtained for damages resulting from a hit and run incident. The best car accident attorney’s will be fully capable of handling any type of hit and run case to best serve your needs.

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