Common Boating Accident Injuries
One Call, That’s All

Common Boating Accident Injuries

The best time to buy a boat is late winter and early spring. Some might even argue fall is a great time to make a purchase. Whether you’re considering doing it now or later, soon-to-be owners should have a firm understanding of boating safety. Hundreds of people get severely injured or die each year from boating accident injuries. In this blog, our watercraft accident attorney addresses prevention strategies to avoid a liability lawsuit.

What Are the Most Frequent Boat Accident Injuries?

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)
TBIs are the second leading cause of fatalities in boating accident cases. Drowning is often to blame when victims fall off and remain submerged underwater for an extended period.

Oxygen deprivation damage isn’t always irreversible – meaning boaters must act quickly and call 911. Additionally, someone who might be swimming in violent currents is likely to crash against the side of the boat. These types of collisions can lead to a TBI too.

The last thing you might expect is a burn injury from the engine. Electrical defects, explosions, or unwarranted fires can happen at any time. Compared to larger vessels, it takes less time to spread, increasing one’s chance of suffering from burn damage.

Never underestimate boat propellers, as they are sharp and move at a fast speed. Whether someone is lingering off the boat or has fallen into the water, they risk the chance of losing a limb when the vessel is in motion. This accident is on the rare side.

Spinal Damage 
While this might not always happen, there’s an off chance that boats will collide. The pressure from the collision puts forceful pressure on the spinal cord. When misaligned or damaged, unresolved injuries can lead to long-term chronic pain.

Slip and Falls
No one is safe from the average slip and fall accident. These injuries are often caused by slippery surfaces, cutter, loose cargo, no guard rails, and other concerns.

Most boating accidents happen when boaters fail to abide by California maritime laws. Should you or a loved one get injured in a boat accident, you must consult with a personal injury lawyer.

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