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Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Falls make up over 9 million hospital visits each year. From slight injuries to more serious trauma, slip and fall injuries can be unexpected. Today, we’re going to take a look at what some of the more common cases that are fought by a slip and fall attorney Los Angeles.

Hip Fractures – This injury is commonly experienced by those in the older generation. Hip fractures are a more serious type of case for a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer because this particular injury requires intensive treatment. The hip must have surgery performed on it to reset it into its place. This means a week of hospitalization and outpatient care to follow.

Back and Spine Injuries – Every slip and fall accident lawyer Los Angeles has dealt with a good number of these cases. When the fall happens, it can cause herniated disks or fracture the vertebrae. This can bring on a severe amount of pain for the injured party. In some cases, this could lead to sensory impairments, temporary paralysis, permanent paralysis, or other neurological conditions.

Sprains And Fractures – It’s not uncommon for slips and falls to results in a sprained ankle or a twisted up knee. The ligaments that connect these joints can be damaged during the fall. In some cases, the landing can be so hard that it actually fractures the bone. The most common sprains and fractures happen to the upper arm, hand, pelvis, ankle, forearm, hip, leg, and spine. Older age doesn’t play a big part in increasing the likeliness of breakage of the bone.

Shoulder Injuries – A good personal injury lawyer Los Angeles will deal with a decent amount of shoulder injuries. A shoulder dislocation is the most common experienced by victims of slips and falls. The problem with shoulder injuries is that there is a network of nerves which basically connects the arm to the spinal cord. When a violent blow is felt in the shoulder, this can stretch or tear the nerve network. This requires surgery and many hours of rehabilitation to try and correct. In some instances, full recovery isn’t possible.

Head Injuries – Many head injuries fall into the TBI category, known more professionally as traumatic brain injuries. These can be a slight concussion of the brain or a severe injury that could cause ongoing impairment. This means treatment could be as short as a few weeks or long-term, depending on the individual condition of the patient.

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