Driver Who Killed Jets Assistant Coach Greg Knapp Won’t Face Charges
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Driver Who Killed Jets Assistant Coach Greg Knapp Won’t Face Charges

Greg Knapp died five days after a fatal bike accident that left him in critical condition this summer. A driver struck the 58-year-old assistant coach in Danville, California, mid-day on July 22. Knapp was beloved and survived by his wife and three daughters.

The at-fault driver will not face criminal charges due to a lack of evidence. Initial police reports show there were no drugs or alcohol involved. Instead, it seemed like an incident of distracted driving. Although the family will not be able to hold the defendant accountable in criminal court, wrongful death lawsuit lawyers can help them recover compensation due to negligence.

While the prosecution of an individual for the death of a loved one can be helpful in a wrongful death case, it is not necessary. As long as an experienced lawyer brings a claim within two years of the death with ample evidence, the family will be able to recover compensation for changes to their quality of life, pain and suffering. A personal injury attorney can demonstrate how the driver failed to exercise a duty of care on the road resulting in the accident.

While many Californians have taken up bicycling over the past year, it’s important to remember there are also risks associated with getting on the road. Fatal cycling accidents have been on the rise in the U.S. – accounting for over 2% of all traffic accidents within residential neighborhoods and cities alike.

Many assume bike accidents occur at dawn or dusk, but they can happen at any time. It is prevalent when visibility is low or during periods of high traffic throughout the day. According to We Love Cycling, cyclist fatalities spike at noon to 9 p.m.

What happened to Knapp was a tragedy. The Office of the District Attorney in Contra Costa believes this serves as a warning for other drivers. “Dangers of distracted driving are well known. To truly promote road safety motorists need to be attentive drivers as well,” the office shared with the New York Post.

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