One Call, That’s All

Faces off with Darryl Philbin

Following in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski, Nick Offerman and Craig robinson, Best better known for their roles of Ron Swanson (“Parks and sport”) as Darryl Philbin (“your job”), Are taking sides in the permanent Cubs Sox rivalry in New Era’s new ad campaign.

The first ad in the effort, Posted a week ago on Funny Or Die, begins with Offerman, A Cubs fan who came into this world and raised in Illinois and got his comedy start in Chicago, And johnson, Who grew up on the city’s South Side and loved the Sox, Sitting in an imagined Chicago bar called The Dividing Line.

The ad procedes to reference the “weed growth” im, Ivy at Wrigley world, Chicago style pizza and the state’s locked up former governor Rod Blagojevich.

“Even our handsomely coiffed ex governor wouldn’t try to sell a White Sox seat, Offerman proclaims.

“Wrigley Field isn’t even real chicago, il. as soon get north of Division Street, perhaps you may as well be in Wisconsin. Can’t even get a better piece of pizza. I’ve should pizza in New York, brown contends.

Offerman asserted that “Jealousy and vengeance and bloodthirst bog the bar like cigarette, ESPN files.

“We’re giving each other a good natured ribbing. Craig is representing the White Sox so he has a hard time hunting down any legitimate material, So it’s a fairly one sided fight, He constant.

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