Filing For A Whiplash Injury Claim

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Filing For A Whiplash Injury Claim

Seek Help From a Car Accident Lawyer

When accidents occur, it might not result in a grievous and observable body harm, it may result in an aftermath pain known as whiplash. Often underestimated and overlooked by insurance companies due to the absence of empirical evidence, a whiplash could amount to serious pain for victims. Almost all rear end injuries often result into a whiplash. The golden rule is to immediately visit a medical doctor if you notice any pain after an accident and ensure the medical personnel clearly documents the pain you are going through.

Whiplash Associated Disorders originate out of a sudden jolt between the neck and the shoulders. It often occurs in a rear-end accident or any form of a collision involving motor vehicles. You should file for a bodily injury claim since whiplash pain could mean the cause of the accident has to be ascertained using crash diagrams by the insurance companies. The immediate treatment is also another determinant considered by the insurance companies. The severity of the injuries could also determine the adequacy of the compensation from the insurance company.

Expect to speak to the insurance company many times as an adjustor will need to verify the authenticity of your claims by inspecting your car and scrutinizing your medical records. Seeking compensation for whiplash can be very difficult as it would require a helpful document from medical personnel to prove your claim. It is advisable that you secure the services of our whiplash injury lawyer in Los Angeles to help you file for your claims based on their expertise.


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