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Fireworks Sales Increase, Health Experts Fear Increase In Burn Related Injuries

Everyone loves firework displays and cannot get enough of them. During the coronavirus pandemic, professional firework displays are banned. Firework displays usually involve social gatherings, and people are currently supposed to main social distancing, thus the banning of professional firework displays. However, some people continue to enjoy firework displays in their backyards without any professionals present. These amateur displays have led to an increase in firework-related burn cases in the emergency unit. As a result, the need for a burn accident attorney rises.

Three main factors have caused an increase in firework-related injuries; the coronavirus pandemic, the celebration of Independence Day, and the loosening of firework-related laws in the country during the past decade. These factors also show the importance of having a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to ensure you do not incur unplanned medical costs in case you fall victim to firework-related injuries.

It has recently become common to hear fireworks late into the night in Los Angeles. Since the coronavirus lockdown early this year, fireworks in the city are more frequent and louder. Robbing the residents of professional firework displays has made them take matters into their own hands. Furthermore, the lockdown gave people access to cheap firework materials. The LAC + USC Medical Center reported that cases of firework-related burns have risen by ten times in 2020, excluding injuries from Independence Day Celebrations. The numbers imply that the need for a burns victim lawyer Los Angeles has also risen by ten times. A burns victim lawyer Los Angeles handles the cases of victims with burns related to any nature.

According to health experts, the rise in firework-related burns started in 2012, after firework-related laws were loosened. Statistics show that the number of firework-related burn injuries in 2012 was 50%, which was almost double the 29% injuries reported in 2006. The injuries increase in number and also the severity. Statistics show that 72% of victims have mild to moderate burns, while 28% have severe burns. Loosening of the firework-related laws implied that people of a younger age could purchase firework materials. Many amateurs are therefore handling fireworks posing a danger to themselves and those around them.

Most of the firework-related burns affect the face, hands, and neck. Statistics show that 80% of burns to the hand require amputation of the finger. It is due to such a statistic that you need a Los Angeles injury lawyer. As a victim of burn injuries, a Los Angeles burn injury lawyer will help you get adequate compensation for the medical costs you incur due to the burns.

The celebration of Independence Day is also associated with a spike in firework-related burn injuries. The celebrations are usually associated with endless firework displays that could force you to hire a burn accident attorney when the celebrations end. According to statistics, 70% of the 10,000 firework-related injuries reported in 2019 took place between 21st June and 21st July, a period during which people are excited about Independence Day. Materials like firecrackers, sparklers, and bottlenecks also contribute to the cases of firework-related injuries, and the rise of a Los Angeles burn injury lawyer.

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