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How Do You Know If Your Dog Bite Is Infected?

Dog bites are the most common animal bites in the United States. Statistics show that averagely 85% of the total animal bites in the country are dog bites. Dogs are loving and friendly creatures but can be vicious when you disrupt their peace or sense of danger. Among those bitten, 65% are children. Children are likely to be victims of dog attacks because they can be left unsupervised around a dog.

Dog bites can result in high unplanned medical costs which is why the state of California requires dog owners to pay for medical expenses of dog bite cases. To get the dog owner to take full responsibility for the expenses, you will need to hire a lawyer for dog bite attacks. You can also use a Los Angeles injury lawyer that provides the same services as a lawyer for dog bite attacks.

But how do you determine when you need a Los Angeles dog bite injury attorney? If your dog bite does not get infected, you are likely to heal without any complications. However, infected dog bites are the leading animal bite cases in the emergency unit that eventually increase your medical expenses.

Although rare, dog bite infections can occur in 10% to 15% of the cases. You can notice an infection in the dog bite through some symptoms. Common signs of a dog bite infection include redness in the affected area, swelling, tenderness, extreme pain, and pus. Dog bite infections are usually caused by bacterial entry through the broken skin.

You may also experience night sweats, fever, loss of sensation at the affected areas, and immobility of the affected hand or finger. When you experience these symptoms, you need to contact a doctor immediately and also get a dog bite lawyer Los Angeles. The infection can also result in complications such as rabies, sepsis, and tetanus. 

Sepsis is a life-threatening reaction your body makes to an infection. The dog infection can make you sleep excessively during the day and feel confused. Rabies is a complication that occurs with unvaccinated dogs. Initial symptoms that you have rabies include flu-like symptoms, headaches, and fever. Rabies is fatal, and the medical expenses you will incur from its treatment ranges from $280 up to $10,000. It is due to such expenses that people are advised to contact a Los Angeles dog bite injury attorney as soon as a dog bite occurs. You can also get a tetanus infection because the dog bite provides access to entry of tetanus bacteria. Symptoms like stiffness and spasms of muscles, cramping jaws and swallowing difficult, indicate that tetanus bacteria has infected your dog bite.

A dog bite lawyer Los Angeles, is responsible for ensuring that the dog owner pays any medical expenses as a result of a dog bite. The chances of winning a dog bite case are higher if the dog has previously attacked another person. a Los Angeles personal injury attorney will ensure you receive quality dog bite services.

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