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How Many Car Accidents Does the Average Person Get Into?

There is an average of six million car accidents annually in America. More than ninety people lose their lives to car accidents every day in America. According to vehicle insurance experts, the average American driver will be involved in four car accidents in the course of his or her lifetime. This means that drivers will be involved in accidents approximately once every eighteen years.

Whereas the statistics say that the chances of one of these accidents will be fatal, every collision results in injury and/or property damage. These damages are costly, and you will require the services of a Los Angeles injury lawyer for evaluation and insurance settlement both for you and other affected persons.

The duty of a car wreck lawyer Los Angeles is to assess the liability and gather liability and damage evidence to support your insurance claim for the accident. The car injury attorney analyzes all the legal issues about you, the person you collided with, and the insurance company.

Car Accident Distribution in an Average Driver’s Lifetime
The statistics suggest that the average driver will be involved in about four accidents in a lifetime, but these accidents are likely to be spread out unevenly. Accidents are most likely to occur in the early years when the driver is inexperienced and in the later years when he or she has gotten old.

What Increases the Risk of Being in a Car Accident?
According to the above analysis, some people are more likely to get into an accident than others. However, certain practices increase your risk of getting into an accident.

You Are More Likely to Get Into an Accident if You Drive at Night
Not only does your visibility decrease at night, but there are more impaired motorists on the road at night. There are also a higher number of drunken motorists on the road at night than during the day. Therefore, driving at night puts you at risk even when you are sober. If you get into an accident at night, contact an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles immediately. Failure to contact a car accident lawyer on time reduces the chance of the insurance claim going in your favor.

You Multitask While Driving
Over 21% of the number of annual road accidents in the US is accounted for by drivers being on their phones. A distracted driver is unable to see the visual cues necessary to keep him or her from an accident. Even the best Los Angeles injury lawyer cannot convince an insurance company to commit to liability when you get into an accident while texting on your phone. The only thing the car accident lawyer can do is to help you pay for the damages of the other party in the accident.

Fast Driving
Most car wreck lawyers Los Angeles have confirmed that over speeding is a leading cause of car accidents. When you drive too fast, you don’t have sufficient time to react to an incoming hazard. Your car injury attorney has to determine the speed you were traveling before laying grounds for an insurance claim when you are involved in an accident.

While statistics suggest that you will get into several accidents in your lifetime, most accidents are preventable. Take the right precautions to avoid loss of life, injury, or property damage through accidents. Contact an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles whenever you are involved in an accident. A car wreck lawyer Los Angeles will help you process and get the best reimbursement from your insurance company.

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