Lash Technician’s Chihuahua Bites Off Client’s Eyelid
One Call, That’s All

Lash Technician’s Chihuahua Bites Off Client’s Eyelid

Last month Kelsey Salmon intended to walk out of her cosmetic appointment with eyelash extensions – instead, she wound up in the hospital to get her eyelid sewed back on.

Salmon took to TikTok to recount what occurred. The Georgia resident wanted to get her lashes done in preparation for her birthday and a vacation to Hawaii. But, it would not be with her usual technician. After Salmon found out that her regular had no appointments available, she went on Instagram and sought out someone else, according to The Sun.

The Dog Attacked – Unprovoked
Immediately after the treatment finished, the Chihuahua jumped on the table, bit her face, and ripped off her eyelid. Emergency services were called immediately after. Unfortunately, Salmon underwent an extensive surgical procedure – which doctors believed would not have worked – to get it reattached. Normally, in cases like this, an attorney for dog bites would assess whether the dog got provoked, had a neglectful owner, and had a history of endangering others.

Salmon shared the following statements on TikTok, according to The Sun.

“I lay down to get started, and I could hear the dog barking in her room. This Chihuahua runs in and jumps up on the bed. I start petting him, everything’s fine.

“Eventually, she’s finished with the lashes, and I sit up. The dog’s sitting on the floor, I look down at him, and he’s just staring at me.

“Then, out of nowhere — it happened so fast that I didn’t have time to pull back — he jumped up, bit me in the face, and broke my eyelid off.”

Salmon Wants the Lash Technician to Pay For Damages
It is unclear whether Salmon has retained a lawyer for personal injuries yet, but she hopes the lash tech will own up for her dog’s mistake. Since the incident, the woman never reached out to her. In fact, in a report issued by California News-Times, technicians across Atlanta have been blocking her on Instagram – claiming that the TikTok star is only seeking attention.

Like Salmon, victims of vicious dog bite injuries can expect expensive medical bills. The surgery and ambulance ride to the hospital alone can cost her $20,000 to $30,000, which the plaintiff should be compensating. Salmon and her family have faced a battle with the hospital before for health conditions such as stroke, open-heart surgery, and blood clots.

Putting The Dog Down
Salmon has a limited window to act and file a personal injury claim to recover damages owed to her. Depending on how the court rules, euthanasia may get ordered. It is a preventative measure that gets taken if:

  • A vicious dog has bitten at least two people.
  • The dog inflicts serious harm on someone.
  • When it has gotten raised with negligence
  • Has rabies

Salmon is unsure whether she wants the dog to get put down. While she loves all furry companions, she hopes other clients don’t endure what she had.

In California, the government takes dog bites very seriously. If you are an owner, make sure to be mindful of your dog’s actions. In the event of an accident, you can be held liable for injuries the opposing party sustained unless there were signs of provoking or careless intent. If Salmon lived in Southern Cal, we would recommend she retain a Los Angeles injury lawyer immediately. Delaying to take legal action could risk her chances of preventing this from happening again.



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