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Playground injuries can happen in city parks, private homes, schools, daycare centers or any other place where children often play. Most of the injuries are often caused by unsafe equipment or unsafe behavior during playtime.

The good thing is that most playground accidents never lead to serious injuries. However, if your child is seriously injured while playing, then you would want to hire a lawyer for child injuries at school to help you file for a personal injury claim.

Playground Accidents and Premises Liability
Property owners and schools have a legal obligation to protect children from the various dangerous conditions within play areas.

In case your child gets injured at school or any other play area, you will have to hire an experienced Los Angeles child injury attorney to file for injury claims.

Your lawyer must show the following in order to ensure that you are compensated:

• That the accused person was in charge of the property at the time of the accident
• That the injured child was the type of person expected to be in the premise by the property owner
• That the accused person did not exercise the proper amount of expected care
• That the injury of the child was foreseeable
• That the carelessness of the accused was the primary cause of the child’s injury

If the accident injury attorney in Los Angeles is able to prove the above facts, then the requirements of the premise liability case will have been met. This means that the school or owner of the property will be deemed negligent and therefore liable for conviction.

Negligent supervision of children
Daycare operators, school districts, teachers and other employees often have special duty care in a bid to protect children from foreseeable dangers. This is because these individuals and institutions are deemed to act as parents (loco parentis). The individuals are therefore supposed to take responsibility for the safety of children in the absence of their parents.

In order to file for personal injury claims based on negligent behavior, your Los Angeles personal injury attorney must prove the following:

• That the defendant agreed to supervise the child
• That the injury the was fully or partially caused by the inattentiveness of the defendant
• That the defendant failed to take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of the child

Personal injury cases can be complex. It requires an experienced personal injury lawyer for claims involving minors to be able to prove that indeed the school, daycare operator or staff failed in their supervision role. Without which it will be difficult to convince the court to grant your wishes for compensation.

In general, sometimes it is very difficult to control how your children play – especially if they are away from home. It is often the responsibility of schools, daycare centers and other play areas to ensure that there are measures in place to guarantee the safety of children.

However, if your child is seriously injured while playing, it is advisable to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you get compensation.

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