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Traffic Accidents FAQ

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You are serious about protecting yourself on the road. You follow the rules and do not take risks when behind the wheel. Others are not so careful. Some people are so reckless and unsafe that they should not even have a driver’s license. If you have been hit and injured by such a person, you have the right to hold them accountable. Our Los Angeles law firm can help you do so. You should turn to our Los Angeles personal injury attorney if you were in an accident. They are the only ones who can represent you with competence and thoroughness.

If you have never been in an accident, you will probably be at a loss as to what you should do. You may have many questions about what happens after a car accident. Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions asked by people who have been involved in car crashes.

How is Fault in an Accident Determined?

The fault for an accident lies with the person who was most careless. If the other driver disregarded traffic rules and laws or acted in an outrageously reckless way, they will be found at fault for the accident.

They can also be found at fault for negligence. If, for example, a driver merges into a single lane of traffic without properly checking their mirrors or makes a full stop at a stop sign but does not check again before moving, then they can be held responsible for the resulting crash.

Who Is at Fault in a Left Turn Accident?

Any vehicle making a left turn is nearly always at fault. Exceptions to this rule include:

  • The car going straight was driving too fast
  • The other car ran a red light
  • The car making the left turn began its turn when it was safe, but was then forced to stop

The bottom line is that the car making the left turn should always wait until it is safe to turn into oncoming traffic.

What If the Accident Involved a Motorcyclist Not Wearing a Helmet?

If you were involved in an accident with a motorcycle rider who was not wearing a helmet, they may be held partly at fault for their injuries. The state of California has some of the most stringent motorcycle safety laws in the country. Motorcyclists in the state are required to wear helmets. If the motorcyclist involved in the accident suffered severe head and neck injuries as a result of the crash, your insurance company will balk at paying them compensation. And it will be easier to defend yourself against any personal injury lawsuits that they launch.

What if I was Hit by a Truck?

A trucking accident is one of the most serious kinds of car crashes. It can put you in the hospital for weeks and lead to severe injuries and permanent disability. If the accident was the fault of the truck driver, your truck accident lawyer will make sure that you get the money you need to pay your bills and rebuild your life.

There are many people and organizations that you can go after in a lawsuit. They include:

  • The driver and their insurance company
  • The company the driver is working for
  • Any companies that leased the truck to the owner
  • The manufacturer of any defective equipment on the truck

Do not be put off or confused by the attempt of one or more of these entities to blame one another. Your lawyer will sort through the matter and ensure that everyone who is liable for the accident pays what they owe.

What If I Collided with a Bicycle?

The fact that bicycles are smaller, lighter, and less protected does not excuse them from following traffic laws. Bicyclists cause accidents as well. If the bicyclist was reckless in their maneuvering through traffic or if they failed to stop or give right of way when required, then they can be held accountable. For certain, it will be harder for them to get compensation from you for their injuries.

What About Accidents Involving Electric Scooters?

Electric scooters are quite popular in California. Their light and compact frames make them easy to ride, park, and store. They are also good for the environment. However, like bicyclists, scooter riders must obey the law. They must follow traffic laws and wear helmets. A scooter operator who causes a crash can be held liable for the resulting damages and injury, even if they were injured as well.

Steps to Take to Protect Yourself

If you were involved in a traffic accident, you must be proactive about gathering evidence and getting witness statements. You should use your cell phone to take pictures of the damage done to both vehicles. You should also record witness statements and get the contact information of people willing to testify on your behalf.

In addition to pictures, try to take as many notes as you can about the events that led to the accident and all that happened after it. The more time passes the more details you will forget.

You must also go to the hospital. Regardless of how you feel at the time, you will need to be examined by a medical professional to verify the state of your health. You should also take a copy of the examination with you when you leave the hospital.

An attorney for car accidents can help you build a case against an insurance company that refuses to pay what they owe. If you have been offered a low-dollar settlement by an insurance company, you should not accept it until you have consulted with a lawyer in Los Angeles. In fact, you should leave all such communication and negotiation to your car accident injury attorney.

An attorney will gather all the evidence that is required to prove that you were injured in the accident, that the accident owed to the negligence or recklessness of the other driver, and that you are therefore owed money.
Your auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles will do their utmost to keep the case from going to trial. The main aim of your auto accident lawyer will be to get you the most money with the least amount of stress and hassle.

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