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Using Collision Coverage to Repair Your Vehicle

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In many cases, consulting a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles is the wisest approach to settling insurance claims for vehicle damage — no matter who is at fault. According to, the average cost for car insurance in California is $986.75, but that is just the basic cost of mandated liability insurance. The cost of collision insurance raises your rates considerably, and there are many issues to consider.

Almost everyone hits something while driving. It might be a pothole, fence, mailbox, or another car. Your own car might be damaged, and repairs can be expensive. However, there are issues to consider that an attorney for car crash injuries can help you negotiate.

Filing a Claim on Your Own Policy

Your collision policy might not cover every kind of damage. There’s also the prospect of your auto insurance premium rising, which might be counterproductive if the claim is small, and your deductible is high. You might be able to claim damages to your own vehicle even if you’re at fault. That’s why it’s important to consult an experienced auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

Other issues to resolve with your auto accident lawyer include whether to file for reimbursement under your collision policy if the other driver is responsible for the accident. In theory, the other driver must pay for all the repairs, but he or she might be uninsured. The driver might not be able to cover the damage quickly enough. Even if the cause of the accident is in dispute, you can claim damages under a collision policy. Your insurance company can further pursue the issue by trying to recover money from the other driver or his or her insurance.

Your collision policy provides strong benefits in several situations that you should discuss with your attorney after an accident. For example, you’re limited on what you can collect by the coverage limit and the deductible you choose. If you expect to collect from the other driver’s insurance, the policy might not cover items in your car or a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. You might use your collision insurance policy for compensation to cover any shortfall not covered by the other driver’s insurance.

Collision coverage can cover repairs to your own vehicle, minus any deductibles or restrictions, no matter who caused the accident. You can also use your own coverage in disputed cases to get your vehicle back on the road quickly. Once you settle with your insurance company, you lose the right to collect from the other operator’s insurance policy. However, your insurance company can try to get the money from the other insurance company if it’s likely that the other driver caused the accident or contributed to it.

Your attorney can advise you on the pros and cons of settling with your own insurance company versus filing a claim against the other driver’s insurance company. If you don’t have collision insurance, your attorney can help you get compensation to repair your vehicle if the accident was fully or partly the other driver’s fault.

The High Cost of Auto Repairs

Reports say that car insurance claims surpass $170 million annually, and the average claim runs about $4,100. Depending on your deductible, you might only receive $1,100 on your claim, and you might have to pay a higher price for collision or comprehensive insurance coverage. Filing a claim in this situation might not be worth it.

Auto repairs aren’t always caused by accidents. Falling tree branches, hail storms, hurricanes, floods and natural disasters of all types can result in big repair bills. Comprehensive coverage might be a better value for some car owners. Comprehensive auto insurance covers auto theft and natural disasters, and the coverage is often sold in conjunction with collision insurance.

The decision to drop your collision coverage depends on betting on yourself to be a good driver, and you usually know whether you are or aren’t. Comprehensive coverage is still a good bet for most drivers. More than 250,000 people lost their cars when Superstorm Sandy hit the eastern seaboard in 2012.

Your decision to keep or drop collision coverage after 100,000 miles depends on many factors. Late-model luxury cars are so expensive to repair that you pay more than $2,300 to replace a headlamp of a Cadillac Escalade. If you have dropped your collision insurance, it’s important to discuss any accidents with a lawyer.

Filing an Accident Claim with a Lawyer for Car Wrecks 

It doesn’t matter whether the at-fault driver involved in an accident carries collision insurance or not. Your injury attorney can investigate the accident and prove the other driver’s liability and force him or her to repair your vehicle — even if the person is uninsured.

You can file your claim with the other car driver’s insurance with guidance from your auto accident attorney in Los Angeles. The insurance company — or court in disputed cases — might determine that you’re partly responsible for the accident. If you’re 25 percent to blame, then you have to pay 25 percent of the bill. If you have collision insurance, the deductible will apply. The amount that isn’t covered by the other driver qualifies for payment from your own insurance company — less the deductible.

Don’t Forget to Consult a Los Angeles Lawyer

Don’t forget to talk to your car crash injury lawyer about any injuries you might receive in an accident. A skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney can make sure that you receive compensation to cover medical bills, missed time from work and other incidentals.

Settling for an Experienced and Aggressive Los Angeles Car Accident Compensation Attorney

There are lots of reasons to contact an attorney when you’re involved in an accident. The right lawyer can make sure that you’re not railroaded or forced into an unfair settlement.

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