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What If My Car Accident Injuries Don’t Show Up Right Away?

Statutes Of Limitation Regarding Car Accident Injuries

If you’re involved in a car accident, it’s likely that you and the other driver will contact law enforcement, contact your respective insurance agencies, and exchange contact info; Since you aren’t in any physical pain, you don’t think about whether or not you need a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney. However, it’s possible you may be reevaluating your need for an attorney in the days following the accident.

At the scene of the accident, it may seem like the only damages are those to your vehicle. However, aches and pains may surface in the days, weeks, or even years following the collision, which is why some states, Like Illinois, allow you to file personal injury claims with a car wreck lawyer up to two years after the accident.

Delayed Injuries are not uncommon following car accidents. It’s important to keep your body in check so that you can identify these injuries. You should also be aware of any statutes of limitations surrounding personal injuries in your state.

Common Car Accident Injuries

If you were recently involved in a car accident, it’s possible you may be suffering from a number of Common Delayed Injuries. These injuries don’t have to occur immediately after the crash to be related back to the incident.

  • Headache – This is one of the most common pains following an accident, and it can signal something much more serious. When you suffer a great impact, your head may be smacked into your window or steering wheel, causing the soft tissue of your brain to collide against your skull. This can create a traumatic brain injury. This is something you want examined by a doctor immediately. You could also have a serious concussion or blood clot on your brain that’s showing itself through headaches.
  • Whiplash – An intense impact causes sudden flexing and extension of the neck, which then can cause swelling and tightness. Pain or stiffness around your upper back, neck, or shoulders can be a symptom of whiplash. These pains may occur immediately following the accident or days later.
  • Internal Bleeding – Days after the accident, you may feel pain in your abdomen. It’s possible that the impact of the crash along with your seatbelt has caused some internal bleeding. If you suffer dizziness or fainting spells in the days following an accident, go to the emergency room immediately to be checked for internal bleeding.

Delayed injuries like these are why it’s important to seek medical attention right away. Through an MRI or CAT scan, the doctor can discover your injuries much faster and start treating them before they worsen.

Keep a journal of all your aches and pains following the accident to present to your auto accident lawyer. Together, you two can put together a claim for compensation for your personal injuries, including any medical bills.

Statute Of Limitations

Most insurance agencies ask that their policyholders inform them of the accident within 24 hours. However, since some injuries don’t appear right away, your claim may change over time. Each state carries a different Statute Of Limitations surrounding car accident lawsuits. It’s important that you check the statute of limitations before contacting an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles to make sure you still are within your rights to file a claim.

What To Do If You Have Delayed Injuries

If you are experiencing delayed injuries following your accident, it’s important that you seek medical help first and foremost. Injuries like brain trauma should be treated right away, and delaying treatment can make their long-term effects worsen.

Following the accident, the other driver’s insurance may contact you about signing a release. They may even present you with a set sum of money for signing away your claim. However, you shouldn’t sign anything until you undergo a full medical evaluation and speak to a Los Angeles car injury law firm. Your delayed injuries may become more clear over time, and the total cost of your medical bills and treatment could add up to be much higher than their initial offering. Signing that waiver is the same thing as signing away your rights to sue for compensation.

Meeting with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer like Grey Law will give you a clear course of action. Having an attorney on your side will ensure the claims process goes smoothly. You have every right to financial compensation for your injuries following a collision, so don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Grey Law will guide you through the claims process so that you fully understand everything you’ve been through and all compensation you can claim.

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