Damages Recoverable In A Truck Accident

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Damages Recoverable In A Truck Accident

Damages Recoverable In A Truck Accident

Damages Recoverable In A Truck Accident

When an 18-wheeler is fully loaded, it will be more than 70 feet long, and it can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. In the event of a collision, that gigantic piece of machinery is capable of flattening a passenger vehicle and severely injuring or killing everybody in it. That is when the right to sue the driver and possibly other entities for damages arises. As per our specialized attorney in automotive vehicle cases, here are the three types of typical damages that California law allows a truck accident victim to pursue:

Economic Damages

Our Los Angeles trucking accident lawyer will advise you that economic damages operate to compensate an accident victim for the monetary damages he or she suffered in the accident. They include hospital, surgical and rehabilitation bills along with lost earnings. Economic damages are ascertainable within a reasonable degree of certainty.

Non-Economic Damages

These types of damages are more difficult to itemize and put price tags on. They are not connected with any type of monetary loss. They might be awarded for damages like permanent disability or disfigurement, physical and emotional pain and suffering, diminished quality of life or loss of consortium.

Wrongful Death Damages

Should a truck accident victim die in an accident, the family of the decedent can seek both economic and non-economic damages. Examples of some of the damages that California recognizes in wrongful death cases include loss of financial and emotional support and guidance, the cost of medical care prior to death and funeral and burial expenses. Other survivorship damages might be available.

Never give any type of a statement to the insurer of the trucker who caused your crash. Contact our law firm to connect with our personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible after getting struck on the road, to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation.


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