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How A Wrongful Death Claim Settlement Is Divided Amongst Family Members

How a Settlement Works When There’s Multiple Plaintiffs

When a person dies due to the negligence of others, surviving family members may file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible for their loved one’s death. Most of the time, those filing these lawsuits are surviving spouses or children, although there are occasions where other family members may opt to file a claim. Whatever the case may be, one of the biggest questions involves how a wrongful death claim settlement is divided up among the family members. When filing a wrongful death claim, LA residents hire personal injury attorneys.

Deciding A Settlement

While most of these cases are ultimately settled out-of-court, others may proceed to trial. When this occurs, a jury will not only decide how much compensation is to be granted, but also how it will be divided up among family members. Unfortunately, this may cause discord among some family members. If this has happened regarding your family’s wrongful death claim turn to Grey Law, a wrongful death attorney who Los Angeles families trust to help resolve such matters.

Minor Children

Should the deceased have minor children upon their death, the court will likely appoint a guardian to represent the best interests of the children while the wrongful death claim is settled. In doing so, the guardian will attempt to make sure any settlements reached are fair to the children and will be reasonable from a financial standpoint. Since there may be numerous people vying for guardianship in these cases, always make sure you work closely with a Wrongful Death Attorney Los Angeles residents trust, such as Grey Law.

Families Working Together

In some situations involving a wrongful death claim, families are able to work together when negotiating a settlement and determining how it will be divided among everyone. When this happens, the family can often be represented by only one attorney, who can then help negotiate the settlement and ensure all family members are okay with the terms of the deal and how the money will be divided. Since large amounts of money may be at stake in these claims, always trust an accident injury attorney in Los Angeles who families know puts their best interests first, such as Grey Law.

Disputes Among Family Members

On the other hand, when families cannot come together to reach a settlement agreement that everyone favors, the situation becomes far more complicated. When this happens, each family member may have to hire their own attorney to represent them while the case plays out. Thus, multiple negligence lawsuits may be filed, forcing the process to drag on even longer. In addition, it is likely family members will not be made aware of how much money others may receive, since settlement agreements and negotiations are usually kept private.

No matter what situation you may be facing when filing a wrongful death claim and negotiating a settlement, always put your trust in knowledgeable and experienced legal professionals. To discuss your situation in more detail, schedule an immediate consultation with Grey Law.

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