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Motorcycle Accidents

There are several hazards that can cause you to need a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles due to motorcycle accidents.

Head on Collision

The first hazard that might cause you to need a personal injury attorney is a head on collision with a motorcycle. This type of motorcycle accident is the leading cause of death. Most of the time, when a car and a motorcycle have a head on collision with each other, it is fatal for the driver of the motorcycle involved.

Left-Hand Turns

The second hazard that will make sure you need personal injury protection from an attorney is when a motorcyclist is making a left hand turn. This is because the motorcyclist might not be paying close enough attention when they are making their left turn. This could also happen when the motorcyclist goes straight through the intersection, trying to overtake a car, or passing a car. Even though this type of accident can happen between two cars, it is going to be more fatal between a motorcyclist and a car. One of the main reasons for this is because most of the time, the motorcycle is smaller, so it is going to be less visible to the other cars around it.

Lane Splits

The third hazard that will cause you to need a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles is when a motorcycle decides to split the lane. This happens when the motorcycle is going to drive between two lanes of traffic that is either slowly moving or stopped because of a traffic jam. The first reason is that the motorcycle is going to be very close to the other cars in traffic. The second reason is that the motorcycle is not going to have a lot of room to maneuver. The third reason is that the cars are not going to know that the motorcycle is trying to pass them.

Speeding/Alcohol Use

The fourth hazard is when the motorcyclist is speeding or drinking alcohol while they are driving their motorcycle. This is not that surprising because it can happen between cars too. The motorcyclist is not going to have all of the protection that a person in the car is going to have. Therefore, the chances of the motorcyclist being killed in this type of accident is a lot more likely. Even if the person does not die, they are going to receive some very serious injuries so you will need to have a personal injury attorney for motorcycle accident compensation.

Road Hazards

The fifth hazard that could cause you to need the personal injury protection of a lawyer is hazards on the road. Some of these hazards might include potholes, slick conditions on the pavement, dead animals, unexpected objects in the road, and uneven heights in the road. A motorcycle is far less smaller than a car so stability is very important. Some other things that can be dangerous is when there is a rough road during construction work, gravel on the pavement, expansion joints, edge breaks, or an open bridge joint in the road.

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