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Every NFL Draft list is featuring Chris Johnson as the number one pick on every fantasy draft list available ninety days prior for the 2010 NFL season. So here is current Fantasy football owners and 1 draft pick owners be worried about Chris Jackson?

Is this a Lin-sane cost to use the uniform and clothing Jeremy Lin wore in an of his games? Many fans would say yes, but the lucky fan who put in the high bid on eBay obviously felt how the collectibles were worth higher than the your money.

Friday morning a false report appeared on the net stating that Nike had “leaked” new uniform designs for when they take over as the exclusive maker of NFL in 2012.

authentic Dak Prescott jersey officials are actually pretty decent, they’re just hamstrung the couple of bad rules (like the tuck-rule, pass interference, as well as the ridiculous “having to control the ball all means to the ground” rule that killed a Calvin Johnson touchdown earlier this season).

Kmart: Kmart has a lot of great basic pieces, but what caught my eye is this adorable cheetah print set from Bongo. Both items can be found for about $30.

It’s scenario where many teams would ordinarily run the ball, maybe even quarterback sneak, in order to garner a little breathing room- give the punter some room to obtain off a kick. But that’s not which the Patriots persist. Within the blink of an eye, Wes Welker hauled in a perfect strike and dashed along the sideline, stiff arming defensive back Benny Sapp to your ground, and racing 99 yards for the touchdown.

Enjoy the green and white turkey this Thanksgiving you should also watch the Lions play Tennessee great (how much you wanna bet they beat the undefeated Leaders? Me either). It’s a Detroit tradition (probably amongst the last).
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