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T-Bone Accidents Who is to Blame?

T-Bone accidents are collisions that result in damage to the sides of a car. They are very dangerous as vehicles can hit the doors where passengers and drivers are sitting. A driver or passenger can be severely injured with this type of accident. Victims are only separated from the car crash by a door or window.

Although it might appear that the driver of the car that hits the other vehicle on the side is at fault this is not always correct. Sometimes it is found that the driver who hits the car on the side is not at fault. It really depends on the circumstances. Sometimes a third party causes the accident so neither of the two vehicles are responsible.

These T-bone accidents often occur when one driver does not yield or gives the other driver the right of way. When a driver goes through a red light and other cars are moving this type of accident can occur as well. If on the other hand, a driver is going through a green light and the others do not stop then the other is at fault.

Why An Attorney Can Help in T-Bone Accidents

When you’re in a T-bone accident an experienced attorney or car accident lawyer at Grey Law can help protect your rights and help you navigate the legal aspects of the case. If you hit the other driver you may still not be responsible for the accident. We can investigate the accident circumstances and help you with the legal and medical issues. Our personal injury lawyer knows all the ins and outs of T-bone accidents.

Either of the drivers in the accident could be at fault. When someone drives through a red light or stop sign and the other driver hits them on the side we know that the driver that did not stop is at fault. But if the other driver was going slower, not texting, and paying attention one of them might have prevented an accident. Side impact crashes need investigation to determine who is at fault and that is where our team comes in.

We can help you with getting a police report, witness statements, a look at the road and intersection or light setup, traffic camera footage, business footage, evidence of damage to the car or vehicle, and expert witnesses. We can help you deal with insurance companies and medical bills by getting you a compensation. Our staff provides you with personal injury protection.

When you have proof that the other driver is responsible you can seek compensation for physical damage, medical costs, loss of earning, and other factors the it involves. These types of accidents are complex and require the help of an attorney that knows the system.

Call Grey Law to learn how we can assist you with T-bone accidents and provide you with personal injury protection. Our car accident lawyer and personal injury lawyer is waiting to hear from you.

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