Types of Bicycle Accident Injuries

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Many people enjoy the experience of riding a bicycle. It is a good form of exercise and it is fun. Nobody expects to have an accident or get injured when they ride a bicycle, but it happens. Some injuries are minor and some can change the rest of a person’s life. A bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles knows there are some injuries that are more common than others and how to help an accident victim.

The level of seriousness of a bicycle accident is often determined by the amount of impact a person on the bicycle experiences during an accident. The bicycle accidents that are most serious involve some type of motor vehicle. These accidents often result in permanent injuries or a fatality.

Injury Types
An experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer is aware the majority of injuries bicycle riders experience could be placed into a few distinct categories. These injuries will usually involve head injuries, fractures as well as soft tissue injuries or a combination of them. The area of a person’s body most often injured are the legs, arms as well as the face, head, neck, and abdomen. Musculoskeletal trauma, as well as soft tissue injuries, are the most common types of injuries experienced by a bicyclist.

Emotional Trauma
After a serious bicycle accident, the emotional trauma a person experiences can be extensive. It is possible for a cyclist to have overwhelming anxiety when it comes to returning to bike riding. In some cases, people have experienced psychological issues like post-traumatic stress disorder that could require medication or therapy. Some bicyclists have suffered from mental anguish, nightmares, depression, insomnia and more. A Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney will know how to get an accident victim compensation for this type of injury.

Musculoskeletal Injuries
This could involve back injuries as well as a fractured clavicle, leg fractures, torn ligaments in the shoulder, pelvic fractures and a broken wrist or arm.

Soft Tissue Injuries
These injuries involve everything from skin abrasions to sprains, whiplash, lacerations contusions and strains.

Eye And Face Injuries
This could include a dislocated jaw, facial fractures, orbital blowout fractures, dental fractures and corneal foreign bodies.

Chest Injuries
It’s possible a bicycle accident could result in a flail chest, fractured ribs, myocardial contusion, punctured lung as well as a pulmonary contusion.

When a person has experienced a bicycle injury, they should speak with a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer. These legal professionals will know how to protect an accident victim’s rights. They can explain the value of a case and what will be necessary for an accident victim to obtain fair compensation for their injuries.


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