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Types of Burn Injuries

Just about everybody suffers a burn injury at one time or another. Most are minor, but they can be excruciatingly painful. Sometimes they can even threaten or take the life of a victim. Burn injuries can cause severe disfigurement and permanent disabilities. Here is how burns are classified:

First Degree: These are minor burns that heal quickly. The outer layer of skin is damaged, like with a mild sunburn.

Second Degree: That outer layer of skin is the epidermis, and the layer of skin below that is the dermis. Second degree burns cause damage to both layers. There are times when skin grafting is necessary with second degree burns.

Third Degree Burns: These will always require skin grafting. Sometimes, skin is even grafted from a pig. Even muscle tissue can be damaged.

Fourth Degree Burns: These can penetrate not only muscle, but also nerves, tendons and bones. They’re so serious that with the nerve damage, no actual physical pain is involved. Fourth degree burns require highly specialized treatment.

David Grey is a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles who has witnessed the physical and emotional devastation that can result from a serious burn injury. As a burn injury lawyer Los Angeles, here are some of the types of burns that he has become familiar with over the years:

Thermal Burns
These can be caused by flames, steam or even hot objects around the kitchen. Unless the burn is minor, you should be seen in an emergency setting. Don’t remove skin or pop blisters that develop.

Electrical Burns
These burns result when a person comes into contact with an electrical current. Electrical burns can affect tissue, muscles, veins and arteries.

Friction Burns
These types of burns result from the skin rubbing or scraping against another surface. They’re ordinarily minor first degree burns, but for serious friction burns, immediate medical attention should be sought.

Chemical Burns
This type of burn will involve a strong irritant that can affect breathing and the eyes. Think of battery acid, other acids, ammonia or bleach. Chemically burnt skin or eyes must be rinsed thoroughly for several minutes. Emergency medical care must be sought immediately after that.

If your Los Angeles burn injury was caused by somebody else, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. You’ll be in need of a burn injury attorney Los Angeles. You can arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation by contacting our Los Angeles burn injury lawyer as soon as possible after burn accident.

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