What Are the Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Los Angeles?
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What Are the Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Los Angeles?

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a driveway, the side of the road, a parking lot, or on the highway. Car accidents can happen anywhere.

Your auto accident lawyer in LA would tell you that the way the vehicles collide has a significant impact on the injuries to the drivers and their passengers. Let’s look at the most common types of accidents that drivers experience.

Single Car Accident

This accident occurs with one other vehicle. It typically happens when drivers collide with an object, such as fallen debris, a telephone pole, mailbox, or an animal. High cases reported by the NHTSA find drivers also:

  • Lose control behind the wheel
  • Runoff the road
  • Crash into a guardrail

Rear-End Collision

Any experienced car accident attorney has dealt with their fair share of rear-end collisions. A read-end accident typically happens at red lights; however, it can occur anytime a driver crashes into another vehicle in front of them. This is mostly attributed to the driver not paying attention or being distracted when driving down the road. Some other causes include:

  • Panic stops
  • Reduced traction due to bad road conditions
  • Changes in weather
  • Tailgating

Rollover Accident

A rollover accident is hazardous. This type of accident might result from vehicle defects, environmental factors, road quality, or drivers’ habits. Your Los Angeles personal injury attorney will have to consider your driving behavior, the weather at the time of your accident, and the condition of the actual roadway to determine how your case will go.

Your insurance company will also investigate the scene to prevent you from recovering damages because this is a high-stake accident.

Head-On Collision

This type of accident occurs when a driver crashes into the front of another car. It might happen when both vehicles are going in the opposite direction from one another. Most of these accidents tend to be fatal due to how the vehicles interact with one another during the crash. It can impact your body in multiple ways:

  • At a fast speed, the seat belt might fracture your collarbone
  • The sheer force might break your ribs on impact
  • If the damage is severe enough, it can puncture your lung – causing it to collapse

Side-Impact Wreck

These are known as T-bone or broadside accidents. During this type of wreck, the side of one or more vehicles receives impact damage. This type of accident typically happens in parking lots, intersections, and passing lanes on the highway.

If you experienced any of the injuries listed above, you should get in touch with us immediately.

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