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One of the most difficult things to determine for someone injured by a defective product is knowing who to sue. This is why one of the first questions a person injured by a product is, “Where can I find a product defect attorney near me?”

A good product injury lawyer can help identify all the parties responsible for bringing the defective product to the marketplace. The only way a product injury victim can be assured of getting the compensation they deserve is to identify all the parties responsible for their injury.

Who can an injured person sue for a defective product? The quick answer is every entity that participates in bringing the product to market.

The most obvious party to sue is the manufacturer who built the product. However, there are more possible parties than the company who made the product. Many complex goods need multiple parts to construct. Many manufacturers purchase components from other companies. These parts suppliers are also liable parties in a product liability suit. An accomplished product liability attorney will possess extensive experience in tracking down these suppliers to add to your suit.

Not only are the entities who built the product liable, but also the people who designed and marketed the product should bear the burden of any injuries caused by the product. This can include consultants and independent contractors who participated in the design or manufacturing process.

If the claim involves a failure to warn the consumer, a good defective product lawyer will also bring action against third parties who wrote user manuals or instructions for the product.

Supply Chain
Not only are the parties who built the defective product responsible for customer injuries, but also everyone who helped bring the product to market. This will include anyone involved in the supply chain.

This includes the store that sold the product. Also, wholesalers and distributors bear liability. In some cases, you can also recover against s re-seller of used goods. Injured parties need to consult with a skilled product injury lawyer to understand when they bring suit against such an entity.

The complexities don’t end there. Many products are produced by corporate entities. While corporations are just as responsible as individuals in a product liability case, corporations can change composition over time. Tracking down corporate interests years after a product was manufactured can be daunting. However, an experienced product liability attorney knows how to find this information.

Finding A Defective Product Lawyer
The above complexities are why injured parties should ask, “How can I find a product defect attorney near me?” Contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer if you or a loved one were injured in a defective product injury.

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