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Failure to Use Turn Signals

Driving while distracted can cause a wide range of serious problems that may lead to severe consequences. While failing to use the proper turn signals isn’t always caused by distracted driving, it’s one of the largest reasons as to why this problem occurs. Whether the driver is texting on their phone or simply forgot to use their turn signals, failing to use these signals correctly can lead to serious accidents and injuries that they might be responsible for. If you’re ever in an accident because another driver forgot to use their turn signals, our Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you obtain the compensation you’re owed.

How to Properly Use Turn Signals
Failing to properly use turn signals is actually a very common problem in California that has caused many accidents and fatalities over the years. It’s believed that drivers fail to make the appropriate signal for a turn around 25 percent of the time, which is dangerously high and equates to around two billion failures each day. Failing to use turn signals is among the top reasons for car accidents, such as as side-swipes and rear-end accidents. It is important to use your turn signals when it’s necessary, as these signals are fully mandatory while driving.

You will typically need to use your blinkers when you’re pulling up to a curb to park, merging off or onto a freeway, changing lanes, or turning right or left. If other drivers have failed to use the proper turn signals and have caused an accident involving your vehicle, they are likely liable for your injuries. Get in touch with our truck wreck lawyer today to determine what your legal options are in this regard. While most rear-end accidents are the fault of the vehicle that ran into the other vehicle’s bumper, this isn’t the case if the other driving failed to signal a lane change or turn that caused the accident, which is something that our lawyers can ascertain.

Consequences of Failure to Use Turn Signals
When a driver fails to use their turn signals properly, they can be levied with a hefty amount of fines as well as a substantial hike in their insurance rates. However, the consequences are much stiffer if the failure resulted in an accident. While many cases of not properly using turn signals are minor mistakes, these small mistakes can have life-changing consequences for anyone else involved in the accident. If you’re involved in a car accident that you suspect was caused by careless driving, you’ll want to contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney such as ours immediately after you obtain the proper medical treatment for your injuries.
If you don’t get help from a truck wreck lawyer when you should, there are a myriad of emotional and financial consequences that can occur, all of which are wholly unnecessary. If you’ve suffered a permanent or temporary disability because of the accident, it’s likely that you would be entitled to compensation from the driver who was responsible. Our Los Angeles truck accident lawyer can make sure that the settlement offer you receive is fair. A permanent or temporary disability that was caused by careless driving can make you unable to care for your family or go to work like you were able to before the accident, which is why the settlement offer should be high enough to compensate for these consequences.

Car accident injuries can also lead to a reduced quality of life because of your medical issues and your inability to properly work, which is why you’ll want to file a lawsuit or an insurance claim if another driver was at fault. The financial strain from an accident can be a lot to handle without the compensation from a claim or lawsuit. Medical bills can quickly add up and car repairs can be very costly even for minor damage. However, you can be compensated for some or all of these expenses when you file a claim or lawsuit.

It’s even possible to receive compensation for the emotional pain and suffering that you’ve endured because of the accident. Stress and anxiety are common following an accident. The fact that another driver’s failure to use their turn signals caused your accident can lead to depression and a whole host of additional emotional problems. However, insurance claims usually take this pain and suffering into account, which is why you should consider starting the legal process today by contacting our truck accident attorney Los Angeles.

How Our Truck Accident Attorney Los Angeles Can Help
Here at Grey Law, we want all of our clients to be free of stress and frustration when they’ve been injured in a car accident. While it’s impossible to get rid of your injuries, our lawyers can help you by making the legal process a straightforward one where you can just sit back and take it easy while we handle all of the case specifics. During your first evaluation, we’ll take a look at your case to determine if the other driver was at fault. If so, our lawyers will explain all of your legal options and provide you with our recommendation.

In most cases, you have the ability to either file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit to receive compensation. We’ll help you determine which of these legal options is best for you. Lawsuits are typically only reserved for situations where the initial insurance claim offer is too low or you feel as though you deserve more compensation for what you’ve been through. No matter which option you select, our lawyers will file any paperwork that’s required so that we can start working on your case immediately.

If you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident and are searching for ways to obtain compensation for your injuries, call our Los Angeles truck accident lawyer today to schedule your first consultation.

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