5 Types of Birth Injuries Caused by Doctor Negligence
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5 Types of Birth Injuries Caused by Doctor Negligence

Did you know over 30% of childbirths have been impacted by preventable birth injuries? The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) finds it’s important for expecting mothers to go in knowing all the risks and potential challenges they can face. 

Understanding what can go wrong will prompt you to alert doctors instead of enduring a life-changing outcome. At Grey Law, our birth injury attorney has helped new parents mitigate and pursue compensation for damages caused by doctor negligence. We outline five below.

  1. Cerebral Palsy
    Cerebral palsy is one of the most common birth injuries. It can happen during delivery, just a few days or weeks before. In the U.S., 10,000 babies are born with this unique disorder each year.Adults and children can expect a lifetime of undue hardship, as it weakens muscles and impacts motor functions. Suppose you feel the injury was the result of negligence. In that case, a personal injury lawyer will check to see whether the doctor identified risks of oxygen deprivation, if they avoided performing a C-section, and whether the medical staff identified umbilical cord issues.
  2. Facial Paralysis
    Facial paralysis is caused when a newborn experiences too much pressure during delivery. It might last for a few hours or days, but in severe cases it becomes permanent. Doctors should know the threshold of pressure a baby can endure and how long they are to be kept in a certain position.
  3. Brachial PlexusThis type of injury is caused when nerves across the body are overstretched. Your child’s arms, wrists, and shoulders are likely to suffer the most damages. Doctors should be prepared and equipped with the right tools during delivery – and avoid excessive pulling that might cause long-term health concerns and issues.
  4. Birth Asphyxia
    When the brain isn’t receiving enough oxygen as you deliver, it could be fatal for your child. Like cerebral palsy, this injury is just as expected. If it doesn’t lead to death, the child might remain in a vegetative state. Doctors should be privy to the warning signs while they monitor your pregnancy.
  5. Caput Succedaneum
    Have you noticed a large bump on your child’s head? Compared to the previously listed injuries, it’s not as life-threatening. Improperly used vacuum suction and forcep tools are to blame for the damages that develop.

Should you feel that you have a personal injury case, we’re here and ready to take your call.

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