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Los Angeles Burn Injury Attorney

burn injuryThe American Burn Association reports that over 450,000 burn injuries requiring medical treatment occur every year. While minor household burns are common, being exposed to a hot or acidic substance for a few too many seconds can have severe health consequences. When burn injuries are bad enough, they may even cause death.

Most people experiencing burns do live to tell about it. However, blisters require immediate and long-term medical care for a patient to recover at all. It can take years, and in these cases, their effects last forever. Brain damage, nerve damage, limb loss, disfigurement, and scarring are typical after a severe burn injury. Emotional disturbances, like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, are also common.

The severe nature of a burn injury means a burn victim may be out of work for months or years. In bad cases, they may never be able to work again. If you or a loved one are a victim of burn injury, and the cause of your condition was another person’s actions or negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Our experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have helped victims of all kinds of burn injuries.

How Can Our Firm Help You?

Did you know that not all burn victims are eligible to recover damages for burn injuries? In California, strict laws are in place to ensure plaintiffs have proof before reaching a settlement with the defendant. If someone’s negligence caused your burn injury in Los Angeles, we could help you file a claim and build the foundation of your case within the statute of limitations.

At Grey Law our injury attorneys have helped hundreds of Angelenos through several personal injury practice areas and recovered millions in compensation. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you can retain our legal services at no cost until we win your case! Even so, the settlement will subsidize most of the legal fees. If you suffered from a burn injury, healing takes priority. Entrust our Los Angeles burn injury lawyer to work on the legalities of your burn injury case while you recover.

Meet Our Burn Injury Attorney: David Grey

los angeles attorney david grey

David Grey founded Grey Law in 1986 and has led the firm to much success over the years. Grey and his team are committed to helping their clients receive maximum compensation and justice for their injuries and have done so with a 96% success rate. With over 35 years of experience, Grey has extensive knowledge of California’s laws regarding burn injuries. When you work with Grey and his team, you will get excellent representation for your burn injury case.

Damages Recoverable

Whether your skin got scorched from a product, unexpected fire, or while cooking, you are entitled to filing a claim for damages. Especially when the pain you endured was due to the negligence of other persons involved. Seeking legal representation increases your chance of getting the compensation you deserve. This article further explains the damages you can claim and your lawyer’s role in the process. As a burn victim, your claim may include information on:

  1. Economic damages
    • Money, medical expenses, and compensation for lost wages.
  2. Non-economic damages
    • Emotional distress, physical incapacity, and loss of companionship
    • You can also claim money for permanent disfigurement if you have severe scars.
  3. Punitive damages
    • The misconduct, inattentiveness, and negligence of a person or organization; such damages retaliate for egregious misconduct.

Types of Burn Injuries

Before you file a claim with the help of a burn injury attorney in Los Angeles, knowing the type of burn injury you sustained will help build your case. In a first-degree burn, only the first layer of skin dies, and medical attention is typically not required. Prolonged exposure to the heat source can cause second-degree burns, where lower layers of skin die. Most of the time, these burns heal on their own, but some require medical attention. Third-degree burns are the most extreme type of thermal burn and require immediate medical attention. Several layers of skin die, and muscles and organs as well. This article further explains how burns are legally classified.

Severe Burn Cases

Many kinds of accidents can result in severe burns. Auto-accidents, mislabeled products, acid spills, fires, and electric shock can cause severe burns. Additionally, burns can arise from workplace accidents in Los Angeles. Burns are divided into three categories when it comes to their source: thermal burns, electric burns, and chemical burns.

Contact a Los Angeles Burn Injury Attorney

At Grey Law, our team has over 35  years of experience in representing victims, and we will do whatever it takes to get you the justice and compensation you deserve. Burn injuries are among the most dangerous types. Victims suffer from pain and a wide range of other burdens as well. Seeking legal representation can strengthen your claim, as our Los Angeles burn injury attorney can provide you with insight, a case evaluation, and advice.

Related Articles About Burn Accidents

Electrocution and Electrical Burns

Electrical burns are another common hazard. Direct contact with electricity can cause deep, painful burns and extensive damage beneath the skin. There are six types, including arc, flame, flash, low-voltage, high-voltage, and oral. In the United States, this traumatic injury takes over 1,000 lives each year, with the mortality rate being as high as five percent. Read on to learn more about electrical burns. Contact a Los Angeles electrocution injury lawyer at Grey Law to learn more about your legal options.

Chemical Burn Injuries

Chemical burns get caused when harsh chemicals make contact with your skin. You can sustain a chemical burn from a regular household cleaner, for example. Solvents and acids can cause burns when exposed near the eyes or physically on the skin. In less severe cases, it may cause minor skin irritation or rash. In more severe cases, chemical burns can result in the complete disintegration of the skin tissue and even blindness. Chemical burns get characterized by being extremely painful and difficult to treat. Read on to learn more about chemical-based injuries.

Thermal Burn Injuries

Thermal burns are the most common and occur when the skin comes too close to a heat source. When exposed to high heat, skin immediately dies. Thermal burns get classified according to the degree of damage caused.

Burn Treatments

When treating a severe burn, doctors must remove the damaged and dead tissue. They leave whatever tissue they can in hopes it will be able to heal. Sometimes, this tissue is too damaged to heal on its own, and skin grafts are needed.

Burn victims require intensive physical therapy as soon as possible to retain use of the burned parts of their bodies. Failing to use burned tissue for too long can make it permanently immobile. Burn injury victims can face years of rehabilitation.

If not treated promptly, burn injuries can result in lasting consequences. When skin and tissue death do not get treated, they can spread and kill previously healthy organs. Dead tissue also attracts infection when not removed, which can be fatal.

Settlement Value of a Burn Injury Claim

Are you trying to settle a burn injury claim? This article is a great reference to learn more about how your case may proceed. To get the most out of your legal process, take detailed notes and photographic evidence of when and where the injury occurred. All victims must seek medical treatment for official documentation of injuries sustained by a doctor.

We understand that medical bills can pile up quickly, as it is often an ongoing treatment process. Depending on the severity, you may not be able to function as you would on a day-to-day basis. Our Los Angeles burn injury lawyer will make sure to build an extensive case to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible to pay for damages that resulted from your injury.

If your burn injury occurred in the workplace, such as on a construction site in Los Angeles, you may be able to file for workers’ compensation. Contact a Los Angeles work injury attorney to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Burn Injuries

  1. How does a 1st-degree burn differ from a 2nd-degree and 3rd-degree burn?
    • First-degree: pink/red skin that might feel painful, dry, and slightly raised.
    • Second-degree (mild): red skin with blisters near the wound site might appear patchy, extremely painful.
    • Second-degree (severe): The area surrounding the skin is moist, might have a few blisters, and very sensitive to touch.
    •  Third-degree burn: the skin becomes leathery in appearance and feel. Brown or white patches are typical, but the burn is apparent on the surface and beneath.
  2. What should I do to treat the burn after an accident?
    Most burns require medical attention ASAP. If the wound (first-degree burn) is manageable, it can get treated at home.
    • Place the injured area under cool tap water, or apply a damp towel over it.
    • Avoid using ice and ointments! That can irritate your skin more.
    • Cover the burn with a bandage (sterile, of course)
    • If blisters form, avoid popping them.
    • Take an OTC medication to minimize pain and lower inflammation.
  3. How long does it take for a burn to heal?
    The time it takes to heal varies. First-degree burns might heal within a few days. But, more severe blistered wounds can take months before you start recovering.
  4. What is a skin graft, and why is it needed?
    Skin grafts are a layer of skin that gets extracted from another part of your body. This unburned layer would get used to cover broken, badly burned skin. The procedure is recommended most for third-degree burns.
  5. What can I do to prevent burns?
    • Keep flammable objects away from children
    • Make sure the water heater gets set to 120 degrees F or less in the house
    • The cleaning products and chemicals must be out of a child’s reach.
    • We urge you to use caution when around a fire (ex. fire pit or fireplace).
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