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At Grey Law our Los Angeles workplace accident lawyers know that many Americans work in occupations where they are subjected to risk of serious injury from a variety of workplace dangers.  When injuries occur on the job as a result of employer neglect or misconduct, or the wrongful conduct of others , workers can be faced with disability, unemployment, and lost wages.

Like most states, California mandates that injured employees be covered by and receive benefits under workers’ compensation laws.  Workers’ compensation offers no fault benefits.  That means that regardless of whether the employer, employee, a co-worker or some other unrelated third-party was at-fault, an injured employee can receive benefits. The only requirement an employee must meet to obtain workers’ compensation benefits is that he or she be injured while working.  The benefits include payment of medical expenses, partial substitution of income loss during periods of disability and compensation for permanent impairments from the injury.  Workers’ compensation benefits are simply insufficient to fully compensate injured workers for their losses, their pain and suffering, and their loss of quality of life.  The workplace accident attorneys at Grey Law are experienced in all aspects of litigating employment related injuries, and obtaining complete compensation for all damages incurred.

The Los Angeles workplace accident attorneys have represented those injured with all types of serious and catastrophic injury, including brain injury, spinal cord injury, dismemberment injury, burn injury, broken bones, sprains and strains, and other types of serious injuries and illnesses.  We fully investigate all workplace accidents to determine the cause and will also determine if Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) regulations were violated, or any other regulations or laws.

If you or a family member has been involved in a workplace accident, you may be able to recover damages from the person or organization that played a part in causing the incident.  Since there are many factors that can lead to work injuries and deaths, there are many parties who may be held responsible for your injury, loss of income, or pain and suffering.  Timing is of the essence when filing a workplace injury claim.  Contact an experienced workplace accident attorney at Grey Law today at 323-857-9500 for a free legal case evaluation.

The attorneys at Grey Law provide legal advice and courtroom representation for Los Angeles workers and their families in cases involving catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.  We handle work related injury claims involving:

  • Construction site accidents – scaffolding fall, collapsed walls and ceilings
  • Factory accidents – repetitive stress injuries, heavy equipment injuries, conveyor belt accidents
  • Industrial accidents – chemical burns, fires, explosions
  • Auto accidents – representing commercial drivers, couriers, fleet drivers
  • Environmental hazards – industrial sites, construction projects, and office buildings

It is especially crucial for injured employees to consider all their options before accepting any compensation from the employer.  By accepting workers compensation from the company, employees forfeit their right to pursue the matter in court.  Workers who are injured on the job have limited time to file a claim, and are therefore encouraged to contact a workplace accident lawyer as soon as possible following an injury. Visit our employment law page for information on employee rights.


If you have suffered a workplace accident, please report the incident to your employer immediately.  However, we urge you not to talk with any insurance company representative or to sign any insurance document without first consulting an experienced workplace accident lawyer from Grey Law.  Employers, third parties and their insurance carriers are out to protect themselves from liability.  We are here to protect your rights and safeguard your best interests.  Call our office today at 323-857-9500 for a free legal case evaluation and comprehensive review of your right to seek additional compensation beyond workers’ compensation benefits.

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