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Los Angeles Auto Accidents FAQS

What information should I obtain?

  • First and most importantly seek immediate medical attention if you are seriously injured in an automobile accident.
  • The full names, addresses, telephone numbers of any drivers involved in the accident and their contact information.
  • The drivers license number of any drivers involved in the accident.
  • License number, make and model of the cars involved; and the name, policy number and contact information for their insurance companies.
  • Names and addresses of any passengers in the other vehicles.
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses.
  • Record the actual location and time of the accident.
  • In what direction were the vehicles traveling just prior to the accident?
  • Record the weather conditions.
  • Was there anything “wrong” with the vehicles before teh accident, such as a broken headlight or brake light?
  • If the police were called to the scene of the accident, obtain the officer’s name and badge number and the city in which the officer works.
  • If the police issued a violation to the other driver, ask the officer what type of violation was issued and the court date.
  • Record the damage to your vehicle and all the other vehicles involved.  If possible, take pictures of all the vehicles.
  • Did any person involved in the accident report any personal injury shortly after the accident?
  • What personal injury did the injured person report?  Did anyone say “I’m not hurt?”
  • Was medical assistance rendered at the scene of the accident?
  • Did any of the vehicles need to be towed from the scene of the accident?
  • Record how the accident occured.
  • Did anyone accept responsibility for the accident, or make a comment such as, “it was my fault.”
  • Were any of the drivers involved driving while working, or driving a company owned vehicle?

When should I seek medical treatment after an accident?

It is important to seek medical treatment immediately after an accident even if you feel you are not seriously injured.  Frequently, symptoms do not become apparent for several hours after an accident.  Unfortunately, many accident victims wait to get treatment.  Waiting to get treatment is not only bad for your physical well being, but will hurt your chances of getting a fair settlement for your injuries.

Should I call the police?

Yes, it is important to contact the police immediately if you are involved in an accident.  Police will immediately investigate the scene of the accident, take statements of witnesses, and will examine the other driver to check for drug or alcohol use.  The police can also be valuable witnesses to your injury at the scene, and they can assist in securing an admission of fault from the negligent driver.

Can I be found liable if my car is rear-ended in an auto accident?

If you are hit from behind or “rear-ended” by someone, the accident is virtually always that driver’s fault, regardless of the reason you stopped.  A basic rule of the road requires that a driver be able to stop safely if a vehicle stops ahead of the driver.  If the driver cannot stop, he is not driving as safely as the person in front of him.

When should I contact an attorney?

It is important to contact an attorney as soon as you are able to.  An experienced personal injury attorney will begin the process of preserving any evidence, obtaining police reports and contacting any witnesses to the accident.  At Grey Law, we will promptly arrange for an attorney to consult with you free of charge.  One of our experienced Los Angeles car accident attorneys will advise you on how to protect your rights and preserve any evidence to maximize your recovery.  Call our office today at 323-857-9500.

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