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Our Approach

When a case comes to Team Greylaw©, skilled operatives handle every aspect of the client’s case right through to settlement or trial.

  • In an automobile accident, a Case Lawyer is assigned to lead teams of operatives who assume responsibility for the client’s case.
  • A main case file is prepared and appropriate subsidiary files are established and distributed to the several case teams under the Case Lawyer assigned to the case.

These teams include two categories each:

Property Damage (Fixing the client’s car)

An operative with decades of experience is immediately assigned to handle all aspects involved in repairing the client’s damaged car and arranging to secure a loan car during the repair process.

This process includes arranging for transport of the client’s car to a body shop, procuring a rental car for the client to use while their car is repaired, coordinating repairs with the various insurance companies involved, and resolving any issues of extent of damage.

Bodily Injury

  • A highly experienced operative immediately takes over issues of determining fault against the person responsible for the accident with the client.
  • An operative investigates insurance sources and the extent of coverage.
  • A team of operatives determine the appropriate legal theories of fault, statutes of limitation, and persons or companies who may be all or partially responsible for paying for the client’s injuries and other damages.
  • A team specialized in handling medical issues closely follow the client’s medical history and progress.If the client comes to the office having already seen medical providers (ambulance, hospitals and doctors), all communications with those providers are taken over by the client’s team and any issues of insurance or issue of payment to the provider is handled by the law office and resolved to the extent the law provides.

If the client has no access to medical providers, the law office will consult lists of medical providers convenient to the client’s home or work. We will make every attempt to find the appropriate doctor, clinic or hospital to follow the client’s medical recovery.

In each case, every attempt is made to procure medical services under an agreement with the medical provider so that the client pays nothing until the case has been settled. In addition, the provider is asked to agree to accept only a fair share of the settlement to guarantee the client’s personal recovery of the maximum amount of settlement funds.

When all of these elements of property damage and personal injury (medical treatment) fall into place, the team leader Case Lawyer takes the necessary steps to position the client’s case for early settlement or litigation.

The Case Lawyer will frequently bring the client’s case to a “round table discussion” with a group of lawyers to discuss any problem issues or legal theories that might be unique to the client’s case. Then, the team leader directs his staff to take any necessary measures to solve or minimize problems and to put the strengths of the client’s case in the best possible legal light.

By the time the client has finished treatment with the medical providers, the case is ready to be submitted to the insurance company for settlement or other resolution.


 A systems approach that brings the highest caliber legal services

to the broadest spectrum of personal injury cases.

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