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Los Angeles is home to around 4 million people. People in the city drive, walk, bike, and take public transportation on a regular basis. When distracted motorists fail to see pedestrians, however, severe accidents can occur. If you or someone you love experiences a serious injury in a pedestrian accident, you’ll need a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer on your side. Grey Law has the experience and the reputation for excellence you can count on in your time of need.

California Laws and Pedestrian Accidents

State vehicle code § 21950 compels all motorists to yield to pedestrians, regardless of proximity to a crosswalk. Drivers must slow down, stop, or take other actions to protect pedestrians from harm. The code is clear, but distracted motorists often fail to see or react to a pedestrian in harm’s way. As a driver, taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds is the same as closing your eyes and traveling the same distance.

These accidents happen where pedestrian traffic is heavy, but also in areas that don’t typically accommodate pedestrians. Common areas where serious and deadly pedestrian accidents take place include road shoulders, crosswalks, parking lots, and street corners.

The Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a thriving metropolitan area where pedestrians and motor vehicles travel on the same streets. From January to June 2015, 347 pedestrians died in vehicle collisions in California. This is a 7% increase compared to the same timeframe the previous year. Pedestrians are more likely to sustain life-threatening injuries than vehicle occupants in crashes. While many might argue that there is no truly safe place for pedestrians in Los Angeles, certain intersections are more dangerous than others. Showing extra caution in these areas could save your life. Here are some of the most dangerous intersections:

Imperial Highway and Vista Del Mar

According to a study by DataScience, the intersection at Imperial Highway and Vista Del Mar poses the greatest threat to L.A. citizens in general. With 20 collisions from November 2014 to October 2015, this intersection beat the second-highest intersection by four collisions. However, this intersection does not represent the most pedestrian collisions—just the most collisions overall.

Highland Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard

When it comes to deadly pedestrian intersections, Highland Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard is at the top of the list. This crossing is typically crowded as one of the most popular locations in urban L.A. With six pedestrian accidents between November 2014 and October 2015, this intersection is the greatest threat to pedestrians. Between 2002 and 2013, vehicles struck 28 pedestrians at this intersection. As part of a citywide transportation plan called Mobility 2035, this intersection is now home to a new $50,000 scramble crosswalk. The new crosswalk enables large groups of pedestrians to cross, even diagonally, more safely in traffic.

South Figueroa Street and West Manchester Avenue

In terms of hit and run accidents, the intersection of South Figueroa Street and West Manchester Avenue had the highest number of collisions according to DataScience. With nine collisions in the study’s timeframe, this intersection poses the greatest threat to motorists and pedestrians for hit and run accidents. Hit and runs are especially devastating to victims and their families, as they cannot pursue lawsuits against the unknown drivers.

Other Dangerous Intersections in Los Angeles

Other most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles tied for second place according to DataScience, with four pedestrian collisions between November 2014 and October 2015. These intersections were:

  • South Central Avenue and East Vernon Avenue
  • South Vermont Avenue and West Exposition Boulevard
  • Hollywood Boulevard and North McCadden Place
  • South San Pedro Street and 7th Street
  • East 6th Street and Crocker Street

These insights will hopefully encourage pedestrians who frequent these intersections to be more cautious when crossing. Even when pedestrians have the right-of-way, they should check both ways before crossing. Wait for vehicles to come to complete stops before stepping out onto the street. Keep your eyes on the sidewalk while walking, not your cell phone. Although most pedestrian accidents are the motorist’s fault, it is important to practice safe habits as a pedestrian.

What is Los Angeles Doing to Protect Pedestrians?

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) acknowledges the need for improved traffic patterns and pedestrian safety. As a city with a large number of pedestrians walking the streets, pedestrian safety is a top priority. Recently, LADOT added two new Pedestrian Coordinator positions to manage the pedestrian safety program and create a Master Plan for the city. LADOT is working with other committees in the city to develop policies that will improve pedestrian safety in school zones and dangerous intersections.

The Pedestrian Advisory Committee is one that LADOT is working with to improve pedestrian safety. The Committee strives to encourage walking as a viable alternative to driving in the city by improving the city’s crosswalks and safety policies. It promotes enhanced safety practices for pedestrians and drivers, identifies the most dangerous locations, and recommends changes to reduce the risk of collisions. As technology improves and the city spreads more awareness of pedestrian safety, L.A. can expect the launch of effective initiatives.

Liability in Pedestrian Accident Cases

One of the first questions clients ask a Grey Law Los Angeles accident lawyer is, “Who is responsible?” When our firm accepts your accident injury case, we’ll conduct an independent investigation to uncover all potential avenues of legal recourse. In the majority of pedestrian accident cases, the responsibility for damages falls on the driver’s shoulders.

Every individual owes the people around him or her a duty to act with reasonable care. When driving in a powerful vehicle, the driver’s duty of care increases above and beyond the duty of care a pedestrian owes. Pedestrians can face liability in an accident case, but these cases are rare.

Some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents involve driver negligence. Negligent behaviors that cause these accidents may include failing to follow the basic rules of the road, driving distracted, or driving under the influence. In California, driving while distracted is often also considered a moving violation, punishable by steep fines.

Insurance and Pedestrian Accident Cases

Most personal injury cases involve insurance negotiations. In pedestrian accidents involving an at-fault motorist, the driver’s insurance policy should cover the full cost of your injuries and losses. Insurance companies may try to reduce the payout as much as possible. Contacting a qualified Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer will improve your ability to secure fair compensation from an insurance provider after any serious accident.

Building a Pedestrian Accident Case

Pedestrian accidents tend to cause serious and life-altering injuries. Many pedestrians don’t have an opportunity to give their side of the story until after well after the accident, and they may require weeks or months of hospitalization and long-term rehabilitative care. Contact an attorney about your case as soon as possible after any pedestrian accident. The team at Grey Law will start interviewing witnesses, looking for possible recordings of the accident, and negotiating with bill collectors and insurance companies on your behalf.

At Grey Law, we’re committed to delivering the maximum compensation available for victims of serious pedestrian accidents. With our help, you can start to recover emotionally, physically, and financially. A civil lawsuit against the driver responsible may yield compensation to cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages and future income, and your pain and suffering.

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We handle all types of vehicle accident cases. We have access to the resources needed to build a strong case against the individual or company responsible for your injuries, and we fight hard for our clients’ right to a fair settlement. For a free case evaluation or to learn more about your options, contact a Grey Law Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer.

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