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The Dangers of Being an Ironworker in LA

ironworker at workThose working in the construction industry, as an ironworker, face numerous dangers on the job daily. Recent studies show the fatality rate of ironworkers is 30.3 per 100,000 workers compared to other careers listed by the U.S. Department of Labor. They wear several hats to complete a construction job, from producing metal products, extracting, assembling, to installing the steel. Additional job requirements include having to balance and climb large structures like bridges, buildings, and scaffolds.

Construction workers must be mindful of the safety procedures to avoid unexpected workplace injuries. Because the risks are so high, ironworkers must take extra precautions and hold their employers accountable if they fail to provide tools like safety belts or nets. In such circumstances, a Los Angeles work injury lawyer can help an injured ironworker pursue workers’ compensation or file a personal injury claim for compensation.


Falling is one of the biggest concerns among ironworkers as they operate feet above the ground. The higher you climb, the higher the risk and chance of getting hurt. Ironworkers get victimized in slip and fall accidents because they work all year round. Although snow and ice are uncommon in Southern California, high winds and rainy conditions can be just as impactful. One misstep can cause a devastating injury or death. Always wear a safety harness to minimize the risk of falling. If your employer failed to ensure all safety conditions are met, call our LA construction accident lawyer to investigate immediately.


Did your skin encounter a sharp metal surface? Metal shears used to cut iron can be very dangerous. Ironworkers may lose hands or limbs from improperly handling equipment. Avoid cuts that could cause:

  • Infections
  • Stitches
  • Permanent damage.

Muscle Strain

Are you experiencing muscle strain? Ironworkers who regularly weld, unload, stack, or move heavy steel face increased pressure on their backs. Back injuries are not always caused by severe accidents. It could happen from repetitive motions (like lifting or bending) and conducting work in awkward positions. For instance, you may experience a range of discomfort from using a crane that lifts large metals. It requires you to reach and stretch at a moment’s notice to operate successfully.

Any injury that happens on the job should be reported in a workers’ compensation claim. In California, employers must provide benefits to employees who get hurt on the job. They can help you recover from the loss of income and alleviate the stress associated with medical expenses. You deserve a swift recovery. If this was your first time getting hurt, an attorney for iron construction accidents could help you submit the proper paperwork.


Be mindful of the possibility of burn injuries if you weld regularly. Welding equipment can get so hot that the following might happen:

  • Third-degree burns
  • Scorched hands and limbs
  • Flying sparks and eye injuries

As an ironworker, always wear protective glasses, clothing, and welding gloves before you start working. Vapors and heat from welding are dangerous near combustible materials. Assess your environment before getting started to prevent fires, bad injuries, and death.

What To Do After Being Injured as an Ironworker

Did you or a loved one get hurt on the job? Although it may be challenging to do on a moment’s notice, act promptly to ensure your protection. Read on for a list of steps our LA personal injury lawyer would advise you to do.

  • Get medical attention – Whether you got hurt on the job, go to the hospital immediately to get your wounds assessed by a medical professional. While getting back to work is a priority, don’t let your employer persuade you to go right back to work. If you need an ambulance, request one quickly. At the hospital, doctors or other medical personnel will notify you of the damages and treatments. Not only can you use it in a workers’ compensation claim, but also to handle legal disputes down the road if they occur in an accident.
  • Document the accident – Always report the accident. On a construction site, everyone may share fault. In the report, make sure to document everything. What happened leading up to and after the accident should be truthful.
  • The evidence should be preserved – Regardless of what caused the accident, try to retain physical evidence to corroborate your side of the story. Save used tools, or shattered, broken pieces.
  • Photographic evidence is necessary – Take photographs or videos at the scene of the accident. An attorney will use it to assess what contributed to your injury. Faulty equipment and human error are usually to blame in a construction accident. If you can’t do this in an injured state, reach out to another employee.
  • Witnesses – Did anyone witness the accident? Reach out to them and obtain their contact information. Should you need to file a lawsuit, their testimonial will carry significant weight in court to help you settle.
  • Seek legal advice – There is nothing wrong with consulting with a lawyer if you were injured at a construction job in Los Angeles. In addition to pursuing workers’ compensation, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the employer or company for negligence. The insurance companies will be fighting aggressively against you, requiring guidance from a legal professional.

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When you or a loved one were injured due to negligence, carelessness, or wrongful acts of another person, David Grey is ready to help. Seeking compensation or negotiating with insurance companies as an ironworker can be stressful, especially while recovering. Let us do that for you. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are well-versed in several practice areas:

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