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Importance of Hiring a Burn Injury Lawyer

Why You Should Hire a Burn Injury Lawyer ?

Burns are among the most serious types of injuries. Not only can they leave noticeable physical scars in their wake, but they can also have a significant emotional, psychological and social effect on a person throughout the rest of their life. Although it might seem as though burn injuries are rare, they are actually quite common and can be caused in many ways. A person can sustain such injuries as a result of a fire, hot liquids, radiation, gases, steam and electricity. Burns can cause blistering, swelling, scarring, infection and death, in the most serious cases. The costs of treatment are typically high, and rehabilitation is often required as well.
If you have suffered burn injuries due to someone else’s negligence, recklessness or intentional act, you deserve compensation for your medical expenses and other damages. If you are located in California, you should learn what an attorney who is knowledgeable of severe burn injuries, can do for you.

How Can A Personal Injury Attorney Help?

Unfortunately, there may be problems in collecting compensation for your damages after suffering burn injuries. Generally speaking, the following are the most common:

  • Having a true understanding of the extent of your injuries
  • How the extent of your injuries affects the compensation amount you deserve

Insurance companies and their attorneys are always looking to minimize your injuries and other damages so that they can essentially trick you into accepting a settlement that is far lower than what you deserve. This is where a lawyer comes in so importantly. A burn victim lawyer in Los Angeles based can work directly with a team of experts who can assess the true extent of your injuries. After that is officially established, your lawyer can give you a better idea of the long-term consequences of your injuries.

Additionally, with this knowledge at hand, an attorney can then effectively negotiate a settlement with an insurance company to get an amount you deserve. It’s important to keep in mind that burn injuries are some of the most debilitating, with many victims suffering physical pain for the rest of their lives. This is why it’s so important to get the maximum settlement amount.

What Is The Statute In Burn Injury Cases?

The state of California, like many other states in the country, has a statute of limitations that is two years long for personal injury claims. This means that you must file your personal injury claim within two years after suffering your burn injuries. If the claim is not filed within that period of time, the court will not hear your case and you will not be able to claim compensation for your medical expenses, ongoing treatment, lost wages and any other damages.

If your burn injuries stem from the negligence of a government agency, you would have to file your claim with the government agency prior to filing your claim in court. In this type of situation, you are required to file your claim within six months of the date you sustained your injury. However, there are exceptions to that rule. If a government agency rejects your claim, you would then have within two years of your injury to file your claim with the court.

In another scenario, there are times when the statute of limitations may be halted for some time. This is also referred to as “tolling.” It frequently occurs when the victim is a minor, mentally incapacitated, in prison or out of state. In such instances, the individual may have up to three years to file their personal injury claim.

Types Of Damages Available In A Personal Injury Claim

If you have suffered burn injuries, you have the right to claim both economic and non-economic damages if your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness. The following damages can be claimed:

Economic Damages: These damages include medical expenses, ongoing medical treatment, lost wages, future lost income and other damages.

Non-Economic Damages: These damages include physical pain you may experience in the future, mental anguish, pain and suffering, disfigurement, impairment, anxiety, grief, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, humiliation and inconvenience.

Additionally, if you have tragically lost a loved one to a severe burn injury, it’s possible to recover other types of damages, including medical expenses, loss of future income, funeral and burial expenses, loss of companionship and more. A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles based can help you recover the right damages for your situation.

If you are located in or near the Los Angeles area and have suffered serious burn injuries, it’s important to discuss your case with a dedicated lawyer. Once you have decided to file a personal injury claim, legal counsel can fight for your rights and get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

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