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Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer

Doctors and medical professionals are still undergoing studies to figure out how the brain fully functions. After sustaining a head injury, even one that seems minor could turn into a lifelong concern. In the United States, 2.6 million people suffer brain injuries each year. The skull is structured to protect the brain from trauma and does its job most of the time. When a severe brain injury happens, the consequences can impact the quality of medical care the victim receives.

When you or your loved one sustains a traumatic brain injury, you don’t want to be thinking about the cost of medical care. You want to be thinking about options for the fastest and best recovery. A Los Angeles brain injury attorney from Grey Law could help you get the financial compensation you need if you or a loved one sustained injuries through the negligent actions of another.

Our attorneys at Grey Law have been in business for over 35 years. We take pride in our ability to legally protect and aggressively fight for compensation on behalf of our clients. If your claim involves brain damage you’ll need a qualified attorney by your side. As our client, we will provide you with dedicated legal services, advice, and a personalized experience.

Why Choose Grey Law?

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury in Los Angeles County, Grey Law is here to help. Here’s what our law firm brings to the table:

  • Years of Experience: At Grey Law, our Los Angeles brain injury lawyer has over 35 years of experience helping our clients get the compensation and justice they deserve.
  • Millions Recovered: Our reputation is built on our impressive results. We have recovered millions for our clients.
  • Free Consultations: At los angeles attorney david greyGrey Law, we are happy to offer free case consultations. No financial obligations are required on your behalf.

Meet Attorney David Grey

David Grey founded Grey Law in 1986 and has been leading the firm to success ever since. Grey and his team are committed to helping their clients receive maximum compensation and damages, and have done so with a 96% success rate. If you have suffered a brain injury in Los Angeles, look no further than David Grey and his team for help with your brain injury case.

Common Causes and Symptoms of Brain Injuries

One of the most common ways people receive traumatic blows to the head is during a vehicle accident. Car, motorcycle, and truck accidents can all cause severe brain traumas. Even simple slips and falls on a construction site or a blow to the head can cause a brain injury.

If an accident looks minor and you look and feel fine directly afterward, this is not a guarantee you are unharmed. In most cases, however, someone who sustains brain damage will experience some symptoms. Short-term memory loss, difficulty following instructions, disorientation, and a loss of the ability to speak are all common indicators. It is imperative to get medical help immediately to get ahead of the consequences.

Brain Damage Effects

The outcomes of brain damage can be systemic and far-reaching. Possible medical concerns include:

  • Decreased strength
  • Poor coordination
  • Seizures
  • Paralysis
  • Sleep disorders
  • Photosensitivity
  • Tremors
  • Fatigue
  • Persistent headaches

Head trauma can cause behavioral and cognitive problems as well. Many people don’t know a traumatic brain injury can also result in extreme emotional disturbances. Depression, irritability, aggression, and a reduced tolerance for stress are all common following a brain injury.

The cognitive, behavioral, and physical changes can mean a person is disabled for life. A brain injury isn’t an event that happens once and then ends; it is a lifelong condition characterized by a decline over time.

What Is the Difference Between Mild, Moderate, and Severe Brain Injuries?

Lasting memory loss, inability to make decisions, poor attention span, and lack of concentration can all come with a brain injury in varying degrees of severity. The severity of brain injuries ranges between mild, moderate, and severe. This article provides more information you may need to build a strong claim. Underlying impacts of brain damage for each degree of severity are:

Mild Brain Injury

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Vomiting and dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Memory loss

Moderate Brain Injury

  • Unconsciousness for nearly 24 hours
  • Brain trauma signs
  • Contusions
  • Signs of injury on neuroimaging

Severe Brain Injury

  • Unconsciousness for more than 24 hours
  • No sleep/wake cycle
  • Signs of injury on neuroimaging

What Happens Immediately After the Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injuries can cause ongoing chronic symptoms that can lower one’s quality of life. Pay special attention to anyone that received a massive impact on the head. If you suspect a person is suffering from a TBI, you should take the following steps:

  1. Keep The Person Still
    Slightly elevate the person’s head and shoulder and help them to stay still and quiet until medical personnel arrives. Do not remove a helmet if the person is wearing one. Avoid moving the neck to avoid spinal damage. The injured person should not move at all unless completely necessary.
  2. Tend to Continuous Bleeding
    Check for bleeding wounds anywhere in the body and apply pressure to stop the blood loss.Use a clean cloth or sterile gauze. Do not apply pressure to the head if you suspect there’s a fracture to the skull.
  3. Monitor the Patient’s Vital Signs
    Check for regular breathing, pulse, alertness, and other signs of proper oxygen circulation.This article details associated health risks, symptoms after you regain consciousness, how your brain goes through the healing process, and treatment options.

Supporting Articles About Traumatic Brain Injuries

Statute of Limitations for Brain Injury Lawsuits in California

Pursue legal help immediately after getting medical treatment. California’s statute of limitations for personal injury accidents is generally two years from the date of the accident to file a claim, with few exceptions. However, if the claim gets filed against a government entity, the time limit changes to six months.

4 Reasons to Hire a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

While you are recovering from a brain injury, you may find that you have to deal with:

  • The insurance
  • Negotiate time off for work
  • Try to figure out what to do about accumulating medical expenses

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this on your own. A trustworthy lawyer can handle the legalities for you by strategizing your case, dealing with insurance companies, gathering evidence and documentation. There are four reasons why anyone enduring a traumatic brain injury should pursue legal representation.

  1. Minor brain injuries can have a profound impact on your life
  2. Damages can be hard to prove on your own
  3. You will need a legal expert to establish your case
  4. The insurance company will attempt to offer you the lowest amount for your claim

At Grey Law, we have experience handling and winning claims related to TBI. If you have suffered an injury due to a work-related accident, connect with a work injury lawyer in Los Angeles. Read on to learn the key benefits of having legal counsel.

Settlement Value of a Brain Injury Claim

Determining the settlement value of a brain injury claim can be complex. That is because every case is different. Determining the settlement value of a brain injury claim is based on many factors, including damages, such as pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and much more.

5 Types of Head Injuries You Can Suffer From a Car Accident

Auto accidents can result in brain/head trauma and injuries. You can also find more details of each of these brain injuries here. and they can be the following:

  • Concussions
  • Contusions
  • Penetrations
  • Diffuse axonal
  • Coup-contrecoup

Types of Brain Injuries

There are many types of brain injuries that one can sustain, such as non-traumatic brain injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), concussions, contusions, diffuse axonal, coup-contrecoup, penetrations, and second impact syndrome. And within each of these categories are more specific subcategories. Refer to our article to learn more about the types of brain injuries that one can suffer.

What Are the Treatments Available?

Treatment for brain injuries is a quickly evolving area of medicine. A doctor must first diagnose the severity of the injury, typically using medical imaging techniques such as MRI and CT scans. Through these scans, a doctor can make sure blood and oxygen are flowing to the brain. If the brain gets swollen, a doctor must take immediate action to relieve the pressure or risk further damage.

Following immediate treatment, it’s common to need long-term rehabilitation. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, and speech therapy may all be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Injuries in LA

  1. What compensation is available from a Los Angeles brain injury lawsuit?
    We will aim to recover lost and future damages, like:
    • Medical expenses and costs
    • Lost wages (ex. time off work)
    • Assisted living expenses
    • Pain and suffering (physically)
    • Mental and emotional toll (mentally)
    • Funeral costs

    During your consultation, we will assess the value of your case based on the evidence available and other factors that could affect your legal claim.

  2. How do I prove negligence with a brain injury?
    In court, California follows the pure comparative negligence rule. That means injured persons can get compensated, but a portion of their money will get withheld per their percentage of fault. We would establish negligence by taking a look at:
    • Whether the defendant had a duty of care
    • If they breached that duty of care or it fell below a certain standard
    • That the duty of care caused the accident
    • All the damages (injury and losses) endured
  3. What is the long-term impact of TBI?
    Traumatic brain injuries look different per client. Brain injuries can impact you for the rest of your life, and a lawyer can help you understand how much your case is worth to offset some of the complications.TBI victims can see changes that impact their lives daily. But the biggest concern is the medical bills, rounds of treatment, and rehabilitative care. Sometimes the disabilities have caused clients to lose their jobs or quit.
  4. Why are medical experts necessary in a TBI case?
    Having a medical expert evaluate the facts of your case can help significantly! In doing so, they will provide much-needed testimonials to detail what caused your accident, why each treatment was necessary, and the overall future changes. It is also just as valuable if your case stays out of court.As you know, finding a medical expert isn’t easy. We would take on that responsibility, as we are well-connected and have worked with many in the past.
  5. Why are insurance companies giving me a hard time for compensation?
    Unfortunately, insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. In most cases where victims pursue a case alone, their insurance offers the lowest amount compared to what they deserve and need.They downplay the extent of your injuries, and that makes it harder to challenge them in court. Always refer to a TBI attorney first to consult for legal advice, at least before getting started.

Reach Out to a Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer Today

Brain injuries often require long-term treatment. We understand if you might be hesitant with increasing medical, treatment, and rehabilitative expenses. We always recommend TBI victims avoid waiting to recover damages from the negligent party. At Grey Law, we offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you won’t have to pay a thing unless we win your case! Additionally, when you retain our legal services, we can include our legal fees as part of your settlement. Contact a dedicated personal injury lawyer at Grey Law today! We offer a contact form located at the side of this page, or you can call (323) 857-9500.

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