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Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles offer an enjoyable alternative to travel. Unfortunately, riding also presents a high degree of risk for both seasoned and new drivers. At Grey Law, we understand just how quickly a leisurely motorcycle trip can turn into a horrible collision.


According to the most recent statistics from the NHTSA, there were an estimated 88,000 motorcyclists injured during 2013 in the United States. In California specifically, there were 8,404,687 motorcycles registered and a total of 4,668 fatalities. This calculates to a 55.54 fatality rate, which is based on a rate per 100,000 registered vehicles.

In California specifically, there were 11,780 motorcycle injuries in 2013, and 463 motorcycle fatalities. In 2014, the total number of motorcycle fatalities rose to 519, which was an increase of about 12.1%. These statistics are provided courtesy of the most recent California Highway Patrol SWITRS reports and California’s Office of Traffic Safety.

If you or someone you love suffers an injury in a motorcycle accident, you need experienced legal representation. Severe motorcycle injuries, such as broken bones, road rash, and brain and spinal cord injuries, can permanently alter your life. Our motorcycle accident attorneys will help obtain compensation for the damages you suffered.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney


After an accident, many of our clients ask about liability. Every state has its own rules regarding fault in motor vehicle accidents. Ever since 1975 in the Li v. Yellow Cab Co. case, California has been operating under a pure “Comparative Negligence” rule. This means that you’re entitled to damages from the responsible party minus your own percentage of fault. In other words, if you were 15% responsible for accident contributing factors, your own award will decrease 15%.

The attorneys at Grey Law will pursue action against every possible defendant in your case. While many motorcycle accidents occur because of one driver’s mistake, others aren’t so black and white. If a faulty part, unreasonably hazardous road condition, or other factor played a role in your accident, you deserve compensation from those responsible. A one-on-one conversation with an experienced motorcycle attorney may help you understand possible courses of action in your case. From negotiating with insurance companies to taking your case to trial, our firm has a successful track record for securing maximum compensation for our clients.


Some people erroneously believe that motorcyclist carelessness causes the majority of motorcycle accidents. In reality, many accidents occur when passenger vehicle drivers fail to watch their surroundings carefully. Some of the most common careless driving acts that contribute to motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles include:

  1. Failing to adjust for lane splitting. Motorists and motorcyclists bear responsibility for looking twice in high-traffic situations before turning or changing lanes. Lane splitting isn’t prohibited in our state, and accidents resulting from carelessly changing lanes or riding on a lane divider can result in serious injuries or death.
  2. Motorists making careless left-hand turns. A vehicle may not see a motorcyclist approaching from the opposite direction, causing a serious injury at relatively high speeds.
  3. Driving while distracted. Our state carries some of the most stringent rules regarding texting and driving, but these laws don’t prevent drivers from engaging in other distracted driving habits. Any time a driver takes his or her eyes off the road to change the radio station, dig into a bag, or reach for a fallen object, he or she risks missing a motorcyclist’s approach.


Unfortunately, many motorcycle riders may choose to ride without a helmet, which poses a serious risk to their safety. However, operating a motorcycle without a helmet in California is illegal, as it is a requirement in California under Vehicle Code 27803.


As a driver, the last thing you want is to have your vehicle damaged while riding around your city. However, this happens each and every day. Poor road conditions are the cause of many serious auto accidents as well as serious damage done to the vehicle alone. Whether they are potholes, construction zones, or roads that are wet or contain ice or snow, these and other factors can lead to major damage to your vehicle. When an accident is caused due to poor road conditions, many victims wonder who is liable. Contact our team of lawyers who can help you get the justice and compensation that you deserve.


There are other causes of motorcycle accidents, highlighted below, that are often seen, such as:

  • Motorcycle Hit and Run Accidents
  • Sudden Stop Motorcycle Accidents
  • Open Car Door Motorcycle Accidents
  • Motorcycle Head-On Collisions
  • Hit and Run Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bad Weather Motorcycle Accidents
  • E-Bike Accidents
  • Road Hazard Accidents


You should not be left alone to shoulder the financial burden of such an accident. The person who put you in this situation should be responsible for it. You have the right to sue for damages. Here are some of the accident-related expenses you can claim in your personal injury suit:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future income
  • Pain and suffering
  • More


If you suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident at someone else’s hands, you have the right to pursue action against those responsible with the help of a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. A lawsuit can’t undo the damage, but it can provide you with the financial security you need to begin healing. Compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and future income, property damage, and other associated costs can significantly improve your ability to reach maximum recovery and move past a serious accident.

Grey Law has access to the resources needed to investigate, reconstruct, and pursue a case for fair compensation. Our attorney has a 96% success rate for securing maximum compensation. We take all accident cases on a contingency fee basis.

For questions about our practice or to discuss your case for free, contact our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney, David Grey on our site today or call us at 323-471-0568. We’re ready to start working for you!


California’s “Percentage of Fault” Laws

California is a state that takes fault into account when deciding who is responsible when a minor to major accident takes place. Therefore, motorcyclists have the same burden of proof as drivers operating behind passenger vehicles. Comparative fault laws allow an accident victim to obtain compensation despite being partially at fault for an accident. This article further explains how the percentage of fault law can impact your case.

Operating A Motorcycle Without A Helmet

Wearing a helmet while riding your motorcycle is a requirement in California under Vehicle Code 27803. This law applies to both those operating the motorcycle as well as their passengers. As an avid motorcyclist, following this law is vital. Choosing not to may not be considered a criminal charge but it can lead to other penalties, which we further explain in this article.

Vehicle Damage Due to Poor Road Conditions: Who Is Liable?

Accidents are susceptible of happening on roads that are not upkept. A state, city, or county agency is likely responsible for maintaining the road on which your accident occurred. If you were injured, or poor conditions resulted in an accident, our lawyers break down how to move forward to determine liability.

E-Bike Accidents

E-bikes are a popular mode of transportation and recreation in California. Although e-bikes can reach speeds comparable to motor vehicles that are traveling at lower speeds, they are not considered to be motor vehicles by California. Therefore, those who are operating them do not need a special license or to register the bikes with the state. We break down best practices to follow before getting on the road, to avoid getting into an accident.

4 Safety Tips For Motorcyclists

Motorcycle riders are at an increased risk of being involved in an accident due to having to share the roads with cars, buses, and trucks. Whether you are an experienced or new motorcyclist, we break down four of the most important safety tips before you get on the road.

Helmet Laws and Compensation For Injuries

Wearing a helmet can be the difference between getting to your destination safely or experiencing a life-threatening crash. To prevent serious injuries and life-threatening accidents, motorcyclists are legally required to wear a helmet. We provide examples of possible scenarios, as well as injuries that can result from breaking the law, or getting hurt due to another driver’s negligence.

The Most Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcycle enthusiast there are challenges and dangers you may face while riding alongside other vehicles on the road. Associated risks can be speeding, lane splitting, drinking, or engaging in other distracting activities. This article provides preventative steps you can take to avoid getting hurt from common mistakes.

Importance of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you are unaware of the legal process it can be quite difficult to file a claim and pursue your case alone. By hiring a lawyer, he or she will be able to walk you through every aspect of your case, as well as explain the legal process behind motorcycle-related claims so you can focus on your recovery.

Motorcycle Head-On Collisions

When you are impacted by a head-on collision, you might be uncertain as to whether you have a valid claim. If you are unsure of what to do as a motorcyclist, we further explain how hiring a legal representative can be beneficial for such a serious accident. Few are fortunate to walk away from the incident, while others deal with severe aftermath.

Open Car Door Motorcycle Accidents

Were you struck by an open car door while riding? Most states rule that the person who opens their car door is at fault, when a motorcyclist is struck. However, it does not mean a motorcyclist is unable to be deemed liable for the accident, as well.  This article further explains associated laws, how to determine fault and take preventative measures.

Sudden Stop Motorcycle Accidents

A sudden stop accident in one in which the driver of the vehicle in front of you came to a sudden stop. These stops are so sudden that oftentimes the motorcycle operator behind the vehicle does not have time to react and stop the motorcycle. This article explains what to do in the event of an auto-collision.

Hit and Run Motorcycle Accidents

Under California law, it is illegal for any driver to leave the scene of an accident. If they do so without stopping for injured persons, exchanging insurance, and calling the police, the penalties will be severe. We break down the two types of hit and run motorcycle crimes in California, and what to expect.

Damages Recoverable in Motorcycle Accidents

If you are a motorcyclist, then you know associated risks when you are riding. This article explains the necessity of drivers remaining alert, cautious, and conscientious. Refusing to follow traffic rules and regulations can be used against you when plaintiffs pursue compensation for damages recoverable.

Motorcycle Accident Road Hazards

Road hazards pose a serious threat to motorcyclists. In this article, you will learn about the most common road hazards that all motorcyclists should be aware of and how to determine liability. Something as minor as cracks on the roadway can result in devastating results.

Motorcycle Accidents: Lane Splitting

Do you know California’s lane splitting law? If now, we answer any questions you may have in this article. Weaving between traffic at high speeds is not advised, especially when riding on a motorcycle.

What is a “No Contact” Motorcycle Accident

Many motorcycle accidents that result in life-threatening injuries and property damage are “no contact” accidents. This is when a vehicle and motorcycle never make contact. There can be a lot of grey areas associated with the case you may file. This article will clarify what “no contact” means for you, your lawyer, and the claim to reach compensation in a personal injury case.

How Much Is My Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim Worth?

If you have been in a motorcycle crash due to the negligence of another driver, it is right for you to hold them accountable. There are multiple advantages of receiving legal guidance to determine how much your claim is worth. This article discusses how to move forward with an attorney with extensive knowledge on motorcycle accidents.

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

We understand your love for motorcycles. It may give you a feeling of freedom, perhaps an adrenaline rush. There are six tips we found helpful to share to prevent motorcycle accidents in this article.


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