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Settlement Value of a Burn Injury Claim

Seeking Legal Advice From a Los Angeles Burn Injury Lawyer?

Of the many types of injuries a person can suffer, burns are some of the most painful and life-altering. Along with the intense pain, victims also often endure numerous surgeries that may at best only limit the scarring and disfigurement they may be left with for the rest of their lives. In addition, burn injuries also leave victims emotionally traumatized, and may also prevent them from enjoying life and many activities they once participated in with family and friends. Because of this, personal injury claims associated with scorched skin tend to have settlements that are larger than other cases. However, since many factors play into the amount of money victims gain in settlements, it is always best to speak with an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney from Grey Law to learn more about how your case may proceed.

How and Where the Injury Took Place

In these cases, how and where the injury took place will play a critical role in determining how much of a settlement you may receive. In these situations, it often comes down to how bad the defendant’s actions or lack thereof appear to a jury or insurance company. Whether a victim is burned intentionally through arson, suffers serious burns due to a car crash caused by an impaired driver, or perhaps is burned due to using a defective product, a Los Angeles burn victim lawyer from Grey Law can use the circumstances surrounding the accident to gain maximum compensation for a victim. By clearly putting the defendant’s negligence and carelessness on full display for all to see, it becomes more likely an insurance company will settle rather than let the case proceed to trial.

Burn Injuries

As for the types of injuries burn victims suffer, they can vary depending on the severity of the fire. For example, if a person was trapped in a car that was on fire, they may have suffered second and third-degree burns on many areas of their body, including their face. However, if they were injured while using a defective product, their hands and arms may have suffered the most damage. Yet regardless of the injuries suffered, victims face a long and painful rehabilitation process that usually takes several months at a minimum. Along with skin-graft surgeries that are very painful, victims must also endure physical and occupational therapy, wear specialized bandages to protect against infection, and greatly limit their activities. As a result, depression and loss of enjoyment of life are very common, which is why an attorney from Grey Law should be consulted as quickly as possible following the accident.

The Possibility of Punitive Damages

If arson or gross negligence was involved in the incident that resulted in a victim being severely burned, it is likely a lawyer will attempt to seek punitive damages as part of the settlement. In most cases where arson was involved or a defendant intentionally set a victim on fire, punitive damages will be included as part of the settlement. However, in situations where gross negligence is alleged to have taken place, it may be harder to gain punitive damages. For example, if a person is injured from a defective product that did involve exposure to flames as part of the normal operating process, a lawyer will work to show how the manufacturer failed to design the product in a safe manner.

Physical and Emotional Pain and Suffering

If burn injuries are known for anything, it is the physical and emotional pain and suffering they inflict upon their victims. While the physical pain is more obvious in terms of operations and ongoing therapy, the emotional pain and suffering is sometimes harder for others to see. Since the damaging injuries often lead to extensive scarring and disfigurement, victims are left feeling very self-conscious about their appearance. As a result, depression and anxiety are quite common, as is damage to their relationships with family and friends. In many cases, daily tasks that were once taken for granted suddenly become impossible, as do many other activities and hobbies. Resulting in a vicious circle of depression, self-doubt, and anxiety, many burn victims struggle to regain a sense of purpose and enjoyment in life. Since large amounts of compensation will be needed to help with medical bills, counseling, and other areas, always rely on an accident attorney to fight hard for you and your family.

Replacing Lost Income

Along with the physical and emotional pain and suffering that comes from no longer looking like they once did and being unable to participate in various activities, burn victims also often are unable to return to their former occupations. Because of this, replacing lost income becomes a top priority when seeking settlements with insurance companies. Unfortunately, insurance companies will try to play hardball in these situations, especially if victims and their families make the mistake of handling these negotiations themselves. When this happens, insurance companies will either deny compensation altogether or simply offer a low settlement amount that victims feel compelled to accept. However, since these settlement amounts rarely if ever begin to cover expenses associated with medical treatment and lost wages, victims and their loved ones are left wondering what went wrong. Rather than allow this to happen to you and your family, put your trust in a lawyer. By doing so, insurance companies will know you are serious about gaining the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries.

If you have experienced an incident where you were severely burned, hold those who were responsible accountable for their intentional act or gross negligence. To do so, schedule your consultation today with a specialized lawyer from Grey Law.

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