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What Should You Do Moments After a Chemical Burn Injury?

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Chemical burns affect one in 10,000 workers, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). While this seems like an unlikely statistic, chemical burns can happen when you least expect it. It can feel even worse when the accident took place due to someone else’s negligence. Whether you got hurt in the office or outside of it, a Los Angeles injury attorney would like to speak to you about the accident and let you know whether you can file a lawsuit.

Toxic chemicals can be harmful if they accidentally spill on your skin, get swallowed, or inhaled. The type of burn you acquired and the injury itself depends on the strength of the dangerous substance and the length of exposure. We understand that you might also be going through physical and emotional trauma because of it. Long-term care can turn into a vast out-of-pocket expense. Filing a claim is your best chance to recover damages.

The best way to handle chemical burn injuries is knowing how to prevent them, treat the wound, and when to get legal help.

Identifying Chemical Burns

Chemical burns hurt just as much, if not more than thermal burns. Damaged tissue continues to disintegrate until the dangerous substance gets washed away. Caustic burns are not always easy to identify either. Depending on the acid or base, the symptoms can vary as your body responds to the gradual changes. An attorney for chemical accidents in LA would tell you to look out for the following warning signs:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain or numbness
  • Black and blistered skin
  • Changes in vision
  • Painful and shallow breathing
  • If swallowed: irregular heartbeat, seizures, coughing, headaches

Are you thinking about filing a claim? With the help of a chemical burn injury lawyer in Los Angeles, you can establish a legal strategy against the defendant. Precisely knowing what type of injury you had can help your claim greatly, along with official medical reports.

How To Treat Chemical Burn Injuries

Whether the burn was minor or severe, always wear protective gear (gloves and/or mask). You want to avoid spreading the chemical as you tend to the injury and wait for first responders. When you get to the hospital, tell your doctor or urgent care professional about the severity of your pain. At that moment, they can further discuss treatment, medications, and recovery time with you. A LA burns accident attorney will use this to establish a reasonable monetary amount to request from the opposing party.

Keep in mind that claims filed for negligent burn injuries are drastically different from defective products, construction accidents, or premises liability.

We offer several steps to take for various scenarios you might face below.

Chemical Burns: Body Injury

Scenario 1:

Chemical burns can happen when someone least expects them. If a person accidentally spills pool water treatment on his or her hand, a rash can form.


  1. Carefully take off contaminated clothing or accessories that touched the chemical
  2. Dry chemical powder: dust off large particles
  3. Wet chemicals: Try not to rub the substance; DAB it with an absorbent material
  4. Throw out the dangerous chemical when you get the chance
  5. Thoroughly rinse the affected area with water for ten minutes
  6. Wrap the affected wound (loosely) with gauze before going to the hospital

Chemical Inhalation: What to Know

Scenario 2:

Accidental inhalation of cleaning chemicals, like ammonia, can have devastating consequences. It will sear the back of your throat and burn your sinuses.


  1. Calmly leave the source of exposure and try to find clean air elsewhere until the area is cleared by an expert
  2. Be able to identify the chemical and look out for symptoms
  3. Call 911 – victims often need intubation or other treatments

Treating a Chemical Burn in Your Eye

Scenario 3:

Cleaning has been a priority throughout the pandemic. However, when household cleaners or detergents get into a person’s eyes, surface damage can occur within five minutes.


  1. Request help from someone nearby to dial 911
  2. Use fresh water to flush out the harsh substance
  3. Cover the non-affected eye to prevent the transference of exposure

Tip: Health professionals urge victims to use sterile fluid to flush the eye. Given the urgency, tap water will do. When you go to the doctor, you may be prescribed eye drops to reduce pain and prevent further damage.

Swallowing Harsh Substances

Scenario 4:

Always wash your hands after working with chemicals. For example, if someone consumes food with chemical residue on their hands, it will cause internal damage.


  1. Accidentally swallowing toxic chemicals puts victims at high risk for internal injury
  2. If you are not sure if the substance was toxic, always call poison control
  3. A specialist from poison control will guide you through the following steps before you dial 911 or get taken to the emergency room
  4. Always inform the specialist of the substance you used and the amount consumed
  5. Never induce vomiting unless instructed to do so; you might be asked to drink water or milk.

File a Claim for Compensation Against the Defendant

Knowing who to sue in a personal injury case is determined by the level of exposure and fault. A chemical injury attorney in Los Angeles will review important factors and act promptly. In California, victims have two years to file a claim, pursue compensation, and settle. With such a limited window, you can count on our law firm to prove how the defendant’s actions caused your life-threatening burns or exposure.

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