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Bus Accident Statute of Limitations in California

Were You Recently Injured in a Bus Accident?

When two passenger vehicles collide, the results can be serious. However, if a crash involves a bus, the accident can be catastrophic. Along with buses being bigger vehicles that can cause more damage upon impact, they are also carrying large numbers of passengers, each of whom is at risk of serious injury. If you are involved in such an accident, the case will be very complex. Because of this, immediately hire the services of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from Grey Law. By doing so, you can not only discuss the circumstances surrounding the accident, but also the statute of limitations for these cases.

What is a Statute of Limitations?

For many people who are involved in accidents, they often have the mistaken belief that they can file a lawsuit at any point along the way, even several years following the accident. However, that is often not the case. Unfortunately, once many accident victims realize a statute of limitations is a state law giving them only a specific amount of time to file a lawsuit and take their case to court, it is too late. To make sure you file your lawsuit within the allotted period of time, do not hesitate to hire a Los Angeles passenger vehicle accident lawyer from Grey Law as quickly as possible.

Car Accident Statute of Limitations

In California, the car accident statute of limitations is two years, since this will be considered a personal injury lawsuit. Since the other driver’s actions and subsequent negligence and carelessness will be closely scrutinized in these cases, it will be important for you to begin legal proceedings as soon as possible following your accident. Since evidence will need to be gathered and examined, witnesses will need to be interviewed, and much more, always rely on law firms well-versed in public transportation accidents to help you navigate the complexities associated with these cases.

The Clock is Ticking

When accidents of this nature occur, time can run out quickly – depending on how long you will have to file your claim or lawsuit. However, it is crucial to remember that it will make a major difference regarding whether the accident resulted in just injuries or if a death took place. For example, if anyone was injured in the crash, be it drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or others, the statute of limitations will be the usual two years from the date the accident took place. However, if a person dies from the accident and their surviving family members decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit, California law states the clock starts ticking on the statute of limitations on the date the person died, if that date differs from the date of the crash. Thus, if you were injured and need legal representation, contact an experienced attorney at Grey Law.

What if No Injuries Took Place?

While this rarely happens in bus accidents, there are times when no injuries result from these crashes. However, that does not mean drivers cannot sue for damages to their vehicle. Should you decide you want to file a lawsuit against the driver who was responsible for the accident, California law states you have three years to file your case. Should you have questions about how to file such a case, work with one of the state’s most trusted law firms, such as Grey Law, to ensure your case goes smoothly from start to finish.

What if the Statute of Limitations has Expired?

If there is one thing you do not want to let happen after being involved in a bus crash where you or loved ones were seriously injured, it is to let the statute of limitations expire before you have met with an injury lawyer from Grey Law. If you make this mistake, it may be almost impossible to file your lawsuit and gain compensation for your injuries and related damages. While there are some rare exceptions the court may examine now and then in these situations, it is much more likely the court will simply refuse to hear your case. To keep this from happening, you should try to come to a decision within a few weeks after you were hurt due to the negligence of someone else. By doing so, you will learn about various options you may have, what will be involved in filing a lawsuit, and much more.

Reaching a Settlement

While some of these cases do eventually proceed to trial, almost all are usually settled out-of-court. However, if you were injured do not assume this will always be the case. Since insurance companies are never eager to pay out large amounts of compensation to accident victims, they may stall or use other evasive techniques in hopes of having you get discouraged and walk away. In these instances, never do that. Instead, allow your legal counsel enough time to gather evidence and create a legal strategy that will result in success. Once insurance companies realize they are going up against experienced attorneys representing victims who have no intention of going away, it becomes much more likely a settlement will be reached giving you maximum compensation for your injuries.

Government Employee Accidents

If you were hit by a bus driven by a government employee, such as a city bus driver, special rules will apply to these cases. In these instances, you will need to file notice of your claim within six months of the accident, and then allow the municipality time to respond to the allegations.

To discuss matters regarding your claim, schedule a consultation with Grey Law. As one of the best law firms Californians trust with these matters, you will have top-of-the line representation who will protect your rights and use this opportunity to get you maximum compensation for your injuries.

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