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Head-On Collisions

Involved in a Head-On Collision? Speak to a Car Accident Lawyer

While there are many types of car accidents resulting in serious injuries and deaths, it is head-on collisions that lead the way. Often happening when both vehicles are going at higher rates of speed, the results can be tragic for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who may be nearby. When you find yourself involved in a head-on collision, you will be very fortunate to come out of it alive. Assuming you do, you will undoubtedly be facing extensive and expensive medical treatment for a long period of time. Because of this, you will be forced to put your job on hold, limiting the income you can earn. Rather than allow the negligence of another driver to put you and your family through financial, physical, and emotional hardship, learn how to gain compensation for your injuries by consulting with a Los Angeles injury lawyer from Grey Law.

What Causes These Accidents?

In California and throughout the United States, there are many reasons why head-on collisions take place. Whether it is on a major highway or rural road, these accidents are often caused by one or both drivers who may be impaired by drugs or alcohol, distracted by texting or talking on their cell phone, confused and driving the wrong way, or perhaps a driver who fails to yield the right-of-way. Whatever the case may be, your ability to gain compensation for damages will often rely on proving the other driver was negligent and careless while behind the wheel. To ensure you gain the compensation you deserve, contact a car wreck attorney at Grey Law.

Who is At Fault for the Accident?

When you are a victim of a head-on collision, you may think it will be easy to show the other driver was at fault. However, this is not always so. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, police who investigate the scene as well as the other driver’s insurance company may attempt to shift the blame to you. However, even if you are partially at fault for the accident, California law does still allow you to be compensated for your damages. To learn how this may apply to your case, work with a car wreck lawyer Los Angeles accident victims trust at Grey Law.

What Types of Compensation Can I Receive?

Should you try to gain financial compensation for your damages following a head-on collision in California, you will always want to work closely with an attorney from Grey Law to ensure you get everything you need and deserve. While you will of course be able to seek compensation for your current and future medical treatment, wages that have been lost plus those that may be lost in the future, and the pain and suffering associated with the crash, there will be other damages for which you should also be compensated. In most cases these include vehicle repairs, loss of consortium with a spouse or partner, ambulance bills, and other related damages.

Can I Sue for Punitive Damages?

If the accident in which you were involved was brought about by extreme negligence or carelessness on the part of the other driver, your auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles from Grey Law may suggest you also seek punitive damages. While it can sometimes be hard to gain these damages in auto accident cases, your attorney may be able to convince a jury of the need to send a strong message to other drivers that such actions behind the wheel will not be tolerated. Since California law has no cap on punitive damages in these cases, you should always discuss this with your attorney.

Demonstrating Negligence and Carelessness

To successfully gain the financial compensation you need and deserve following your head-on collision, it is vital your Los Angeles-based injury lawyer from Grey Law be able to demonstrate the other driver committed negligence and carelessness while operating their motor vehicle. To do so, your attorney will use a variety of methods and techniques. For example, they will begin by reading the police report, which may have useful information as to which driver police initially assigned blame for the accident. Along with this, your attorney will also examine witness statements and conduct follow-up interviews when needed. In some instances, your lawyer may rely on accident reconstruction experts to testify in court as to what transpired. By using these and other methods, you will have a much better chance of being compensated for your damages.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Since head-on collisions often result in serious injuries, insurance companies are never eager to pay out compensation to victims. Therefore, always rely on the ability of your traffic accident lawyer from Grey Law to handle these negotiations for you. By doing so, your car collision attorney can use evidence from the accident to pressure the insurance company to drop their opposition and instead pay you the financial compensation needed to overcome your physical and financial hardships.

What if I Am Partially to Blame for the Accident?

Even if police determined you played a role in causing the head-on collision, that does not mean you cannot be compensated for your injuries and other damages. In California, there is the legal concept of “comparative negligence.” Thus, even if it is determined each driver was 50% responsible for the accident, you can still receive compensation. However, the amount you receive will be far lower than you may need. Therefore, always do everything possible to show the other driver was far more if not totally responsible for the accident. To accomplish this, put your trust in a car wreck lawyer Los Angeles relies on at Grey Law.

Don’t Continue to Suffer

If you have been involved in a head-on collision that resulted in serious injuries, loss of income, and other damages, don’t continue to suffer. Instead, hold the other driver responsible for their negligence and carelessness. To get started on the path to financial compensation, schedule your consultation immediately with an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles from Grey Law.

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